Month: March 2011

All Together Now: A Celebration of Service

As Congress is still debating the budget, the Points of Light Institute is hosting “All Together Now – A Celebration of Service” at The John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts in Washington, D.C., to honor President George H. W. Bush for his visionary leadership in the American service movement. The event will bring together… Read more »

Good Eats in Haiti

Submitted by John DiTillo, The Haitian Project Volunteer (’08 Volunteer – Present) Haitian rice and beans with steak and mango salsa –a delicious, organic, can’t-get-more-local-than-this meal. Every couple of weeks a bull lumbers onto the Louverture Cleary School campus and lives on our soccer field for a few days, awaiting his inevitable induction into a savory… Read more »

A Day in the Life of a Franciscan Mission Service Missioner

Nora Pfeiffer, Franciscan Mission Service Missioner and former Jesuit Volunteer Corps volunteer, is currently serving in Cochabamba, Bolivia. She is working with the NGO Francisans International. She is from Fairfax, Va. and attended the University of Richmond. Nora is a great steward of the environment and is working to teach others to do the same…. Read more »

Catholic Media Promotion Day!

It’s amazing to us how technology has changed the way we experience the world. For example, just 10 years ago when I started looking for my volunteer program, I relied mostly on my printed copy of Response, brochures I found from various programs, word of mouth and the telephone to connect to the programs directly. Now,… Read more »

Opening a DOOR to discussions about racial relationships

How can we experience, engage, and embrace communities across racial and social classes? DOOR volunteers are encouraged to take these steps while they live and serve in inner-city communities. Krista Dutt, National Program Director and DOOR Chicago Director, shares how their volunteers are challenged to think about race relations in new ways and are encouraged… Read more »

Good Eats – Volunteers across the globe learn to cook on a budget.

When I served in Haiti as a volunteer with the Haitian Project, the topic of food came up daily. It was a subject that brought much joy and celebration… and sometimes frustration. I have fond memories of throwing semi deflated footballs into the soaring trees that littered our compound, as we tried to knock free… Read more »