Month: July 2011

Do You Have Five Loaves and Two Fish to Spare?

A reflection on this week’s readings. The story of the Miraculous Feeding of the Five Thousand, like most stories in the Gospels, speaks to us today because many of us can identify very readily with the disciples. Like them we find that our care and compassion is often limited to prayer and good wishes. Like… Read more »

Celebrating Through Service

 by: Molly MacMorris-Adix, Holy Family Volunteer Catholic Volunteer Network’s 2011 Volunteer Story Contest Winner Molly MacMorris-Adix cuts the cake for the Annual Birthday Party ! Birthdays are incredibly significant cultural events all around the world from the first to the last, and the powerful memories associated with birthdays are immeasurable. Throughout life we delight in… Read more »

Alumni Talk: What your year of JVC will be like

By Jacqueline Devereaux Semmens, FJV with Jesuit Volunteer Corps Northwest Jackie (on right in gray) with her first year housemates(including her now husband in stripes) I’ve seen a lot of searches coming to my blog lately with JVC questions like “what to wear” and “what to pack.” So to any future JVs leaving for orientation in… Read more »

A Spoonful of Fun Helps the Program’s Mission Thrive

Ready, Set, Go! CCAO is ready for their scavenger hunt.  Spotlight On: Columban Center for Advocacy and Outreach  by: Kitty Robinson, Catholic Volunteer Network Intern One of the great things about volunteers is that they can come from anywhere in the world. They give up their life at home to serve in an area that… Read more »

2011 Catholic Volunteer Network Annual Conference: Top Ten

The Catholic Volunteer Network 2011 National Conference will be held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on November 15th- 18th.  Famous for its rich history and culture, Philadelphia is home to many “firsts”: the first zoo, presidential mansion, American flag, daily newspaper, computer and more!  Whether it is your first time or your fiftieth, there are plenty of… Read more »

Be the Tennisball

By Kevin Donohue, Fairfield University Campus Minister and Passionist Volunteers International Alum Part of the challenge of a year of service is that it takes place within a very discreet and limited time span, but the impact on the volunteer is supposed to last much longer, conceivably for the rest of their life.  This is… Read more »