Month: October 2011

What is World Mission Sunday?

By Jim Lindsay, Executive Director Annually, World Mission Sunday is observed on the next-to-last Sunday in October. As described by Pope John Paul II, World Mission Sunday is “an important day in the life of the Church because it teaches how to give: as an offering made to God, in the Eucharistic celebration and for… Read more »

The Challenge of Change

By: Caitlin Baummer, Recruitment Associate Faith. Community. Social Justice. Simplicity. These are the values upon which Jesus tells us to live our lives. And since we’ve had two thousand years of practice, we should have them down by now, right? Hardly. We live in a culture that places value in consumerism, individualism and personal gain… Read more »

Community and Recruiting at the Fairs

By: Matt Aujero, Recruitment Associate When I took the position with Catholic Volunteer Network, I was looking forward to the solo jobs that I would be doing on the road.  Having just finished a week of volunteer fairs in Chicago, meeting and making friends with the recruiters of other programs, I find that I will be… Read more »

Planting the Seed of Service

By: Caitlin Baummer, Recruitment Associate “Dear God, please keep me safe as I travel to my next destination. Please watch over the students that I speak with and bless my words so that I may communicate our mission clearly. Amen”This is the prayer that I said silently to myself each time I climbed into my… Read more »

The Top 5 Things to Consider When Volunteering Internationally

 The decision to serve internationally can be up in the air By: Matt Aujero, Recruitment Associate So you want to do serve internationally.  What does that mean?  What are some things you need to think about?  Oh it cost how much?  What about the language? These are all things I had to think about… Read more »