Month: January 2012

Telling Your Story: Teaching Volunteers How to Talk About Their Experiences

By Julie Lupien, Director, From Mission to Mission Every volunteer is faced with the same question (over and over) when they complete their term of service: “How was it?”  Some start to tell about their experience with great enthusiasm only to see a glazed look in the eyes of their listener.  Others are overwhelmed with… Read more »

Called to Glory, Called to Justice

by: Caitlin Baummer Alright, I’ve covered faith, simplicity and community, so there’s only one pillar left… social justice. What is social justice exactly? I have to say that Wikipedia did a pretty good job with this one. It says: “Social justice generally refers to the idea of creating a society or institution that is based… Read more »

Plunging into the New Year: Community Example

By Matt Ajuero, CVN Recruitment Associate As I write this, I see my housemates from Costa Rica, Brittany and Jelly, sleeping and sharing a pullout couch.  Jordan and Tom, my other CR housemates, are in the other room still snoozing.  All of us together are here in Baltimore, reunited once again after leaving each other… Read more »