Month: November 2012

Dwight, Darlene, and the Importance of Whimsy

By Catherine Scallen, CVN Recruiter Everybody needs a road buddy, particularly of the easy-going, chill variety. I couldn’t have asked for better companions than Dwight and Darlene, my fearless road warrior rubber ducks. I have been a fervent supporter and enthusiastic collector of rubber ducks for quite some time now. This began one Christmas when… Read more »

A Day in the Life of a Franciscan Mission Service Lay Missioner: Kitzi Hendricks

Kitzi Hendricks is a writer, musician, and photographer from Northern California. She is passionate about social justice and the Franciscan ministry of presence.  Currently serving at the Madre de Dios center in Cochabamba, Bolivia through Franciscan Mission Service, Kitzi works with teenage girls who have been abandoned, abused, or neglected by their families. Almost a… Read more »

Relishing Silence

By Erica Stewart, CVN Recruiter A few months ago, as I prepared for my interview to become a recruitment associate, I read recruiter Caitlin’s blog post about living simply on the road. Besides the excitement of what the position could bring me in the few months following my year of service, her commitment to simple… Read more »

Cardinal Wuerl returns from synod in Rome, reflects on the experience

By: Kate Flannery, Communications Department I walked out the door and I felt evangelized. There was something in the air. Even though it was thirty-something degrees outside and I’m a wimp from Texas, I was feeling refreshed. I listened for the third time as Cardinal Donald Wuerl spoke last night on the New Evangelization, thinking… Read more »