Month: February 2013

U.S. Climate Change Rally: A Firestorm of Hope

By: Amy Woolam Echeverria Sub-zero temperatures could not keep tens of thousands of people (an estimated 50,000) at home on Sunday, February 17, 2013 for a historic rally on climate change in Washington, D.C., The Columban Center for Advocacy and Outreach (CCAO) was no exception. On the first Sunday in Lent Columbans were Presente! with… Read more »

The Little Things

By Christy Titus, Colorado Vincentian Volunteer Christy works at African Community Center’s Safari Thrift Store I would never have considered myself spiritually poor before I came to CVV.  In lots of ways, I wasn’t—I had grown up in a strong Christian family and had developed a meaningful faith life. I felt like my relationship with… Read more »

A Different Route to and through Service: Head as Well as Heart

 By: Eileen E. O’Brien, former Claretian Volunteer I arrived at full-time, faith-based service along a route different from most of my colleagues.  Most of my fellow volunteers were right out of  college, where they had earned undergraduate degrees in the liberal arts. I, however, came out of graduate school having earned my Master’s degree in… Read more »

“Me blind, but me can still see.”

By: Meeg Conroy, former volunteer from Passionist Volunteers International  “Me blind, but me can still see.” The simplicity of her statement and the coyness of her remark left me thinking. I had only been in Jamaica three weeks at that point, the first two had been a crash course in everything Jamaican, including hurricane season…. Read more »

“Getting Things Done” for MLK Day of Service 2013

By: Kristina Swanber, St. Joseph Worker Program,  Catholic Volunteer Network – AmeriCorps It is no wonder why Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was such an inspiration for generations of people in the United States and worldwide. His words reached many and crossed barriers that commonly were not broken. I was happy to take part in… Read more »

Black History Month: Peeling Back the Layers

By Kate Flannery, Communications Department Lovancy Ingram and her fellow Cap Corps members on retreat They met her with bewildered expressions. “You’re taking a year off?” her parents asked their eldest daughter after she told them she would be volunteering for a year after graduation.  “I ain’t volunteering nothing. I’m getting a job,” was the… Read more »