Month: May 2013

Finding Your Greatness: For anyone unsure of what’s next

Dear friend,  I know what it feels like. The not knowing. The waiting on the precipice of uncertainty with only the certainty of wanting to step outside yourself and becoming truly great. At least, I think that’s what you want: to become great. I think that’s what we all want, really. Here’s the truth: I… Read more »

Problems to Solutions: Getting Things Done with Good Shepherd Volunteers

Member: Lori Hendrickson, Good Shepherd Volunteers Service Site: Safe Homes Project Position: Self-Sufficiency Coordinator One afternoon, a new client walked into my office and introduced herself to me.  “Hi, my name is Jane, and I heard you are the one to talk to about resumes and job searching?”  she said. Delighted that my role as… Read more »

A Day in the Life with the PULSE Program: Madeline Presper

Madeline Presper is from Akron, Ohio and a graduate of John Carroll University with a major in Sociology and minor in Psychology.  While a student at John Carroll, she spent a semester abroad at the National University of Ireland, Maynooth.  She is now living in the Garfield neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania as a member of… Read more »

5 Tips for Developing Your Spiritual Life

By Kate Flannery, Communications While we cannot have the Church without having community, I have realized that a lot of my spirituality also depends on my own initiative and personal relationship with God. I am learning to see God everywhere in the world, but particularly in frequent mass, exercise, music, the Rosary, art and silence…. Read more »