Month: December 2014

A moment of compassion and peace

By Kelsi HolmesOn mission in India with Heart’s Home When we arrived at the room of Pathamma, she was in the same place and position that she had been in the day before. She had not moved in some time and was lying in days worth of her own waste. Near her head sat a… Read more »

God is with us – now!

By Jim LindsayExecutive Director, Catholic Volunteer Network Christian Appalachian Project summer camp counselors enjoy a weekend of reflection and rest as they explore Eastern Kentucky. Jesus informs us that the Son of Man is coming at a time when we least expect him. There are many ways to explain this saying. Let’s begin by posing… Read more »

Home is where the heart is at peace

By Molly MagriSt. Joseph Workers volunteer serving at St. Joseph Center I’ve always had a difficult time trying to explain where my home is, or where I’m from when I’m asked those questions. You see, unlike many people I know, I’ve moved around the country quite a bit. I started off in California, then made… Read more »