Month: April 2016

Holy Ground: A Volunteer and Graduate Student’s Experiences of Unexpected Grace

By Laura Shrode, former Colorado Vincentian Volunteer“As others allow you into the most tender places in their lives, you will know you are standing on holy ground, and you will find yourself touched, humbled, and gladdened by unexpected grace.” –Sharyl Peterson On one particular busy afternoon at my service site, Denver Urban Ministries, I met… Read more »

Don’t Forget About the Soil

By Carley Knapp, Bethlehem Farm Volunteer One of my favorite aspects of being on the volunteer staff of Bethlehem Farm in Pence Springs, West Virginia, is the opportunity to lead crews of high school and college students in our gardens.  We have two large gardens and several smaller ones where we cultivate many of the… Read more »

Where Are They Now? Former Volunteers in Engineering

Here is another exciting installment of our popular feature, “Where Are They Now?” This series highlights volunteer alumni who carry out the spirit of service in different professions and ministries. In this edition we are getting to know some alumni who have chosen professions in engineering. Hello! I’m Angela Medlock, and I served with the… Read more »