Month: August 2016


By Kaitlyn Miller, Mercy Volunteer Corps  Kaitlyn Miller (far right) and her community members I have been fascinated by the language of the Diné (Navajo) people since living on the Rez. In the nursing department we have been trying to keep up with learning a new “Navajo Word of the Day.” The language is quite… Read more »

Diversity is Beautiful

By Rebecca Lane, Mercy Volunteer Corps  Mercy Volunteers serving on a Navajo Reservation in Arizona enjoy hiking as a community She turned around abruptly to look at me and with sureness in her voice, the words, “I have never been friends with anyone like you before” echoed off the walls of our new apartment. She… Read more »

Learning to Pray in Appalachia

By Matthew Junker, Father Beiting Appalachian Mission Center When I was an atheist, I liked to say that prayer is selfishly asking for every atom in the universe to be rearranged just for your own interest. Having mocked it for so long, I had a very difficult time with prayer when I came into Christianity…. Read more »