Month: October 2018

Service in the City of Angels

By Hannah Petcovic, Vincentian Service Corps West, 2013-2014 I started my service commitment with the Catholic Volunteer Network five years ago and still think about Skid Row almost every day. I think about driving through downtown Los Angeles to park near a posh apartment complex. I think about my morning walk through the toy district;… Read more »

Authentic Fulfillment

We all have expectations when we begin a year of service. Most are well-intentioned and focus on wanting to make a difference. Personally, I had an idealistic vision of what the year would entail. I overwhelmingly believed that I would come to a place of greater fulfillment through community, ministry, discernment, and being surrounded by… Read more »

Finding Joy and Confidence in Christ

“The New Evangelization is accomplished with a smile, not a frown.” – Cardinal Timothy Dolan (Address to the College of Cardinals, February 2012) There is nothing simplistic about Cardinal Dolan’s point above. Some, who are not examining it carefully, might see it as such. No, instead, in a short, pithy comment that is very emblematic… Read more »