Month: January 2019

Whoever Has Ears, Let Them Hear

By Joe Loney, Maryknoll Lay Missioners, Bolivia COCHABAMBA, Bolivia — When I was in grade school, I recall that the three Rs were reading, (w)riting and (a)rithmetic. When my children were in grade school, they taught me that the three Rs were reduce, reuse and recycle. Today we use all six Rs to bring hearing… Read more »

Feeding the Soul

By Rachel Zanfardino, FrancisCorps I learned how to read in the kitchen. My mom would hand me a recipe, ask me to read the next step, and then to do whatever it said. This came easy to me and I enjoyed helping. I also have two brothers, and the three of us couldn’t be more different… Read more »

From Nothing to More

By Theresa Nguyen, VIDES USA (2015-2018) In the summer of 2015 I entered an unknown stage of my life – entrusting into God’s hands my life for the next year as a VIDES volunteer missioner. What started out as a one-year commitment turned into two…and then three years. After paying off all my school loans, I… Read more »

Why Service?

Reflection by Yonce Shelton, Executive Director, Catholic Volunteer Network “Make sure your why can stand before God.”  That challenge was offered recently by a young, passionate, visionary minister in a reflection that begin a discussion about how to effect social change. It summarized his point that leaders must be in touch with core motivations and… Read more »

Christianity and Service – A Lens to See the World

By Pat Boduch, Mercy Volunteer Corps My year of service with Mercy Volunteer Corps is a particularly stark example of life as a murky and ambiguous plane of decision-making. I’m serving this year with MVC in Cincinnati, working in hospital chaplaincy. I’ve changed cities, jobs, type of work, and living situation to be here. Nearly… Read more »

“I Don’t Want You To Help Me”

A Letter from the Executive Director Last week, I was at a retreat with a diverse group of faith leaders. Many perspectives and missions were represented: climate change; economic justice; voting rights; the crisis facing our democracy; challenges of working with those who differ on tenets of faith. It surprised no one that the concern… Read more »

Creating a more just and diverse community

Catholic Volunteer Network Increases Commitment to Racial Justice and Diversity Work During the National Conference on Faith-Based Service last November, Catholic Volunteer Network shared a new statement on Racial Justice and Diversity. This statement was carefully developed by CVN’s Racial Justice and Diversity Committee over many months, and seeks to reflect our commitment to becoming… Read more »

Married and Called to Mission in Manila

By Katie and Luke Johnstone, Fidesco USA In August 2015, an organization called Fidesco USA sent us, a newly married couple, to serve a two-year volunteer mission in Manila, Philippines. There, we partnered with another organization, the ANAK-TNK Foundation, which provides homes for about 300 former street children as well as preschool/feeding centers for over… Read more »

Lessons from My Students: Community & Simple Living

By Maddie Bologa, Cristo Rey Jesuit Volunteers While working at Cristo Rey Jesuit High School together, my fellow volunteers and I would return after a day’s work to our cozy, third-story apartment located on one of the major streets in Chicago. In this apartment, we shared meals and favorite pastimes, reflected on our volunteer journeys at… Read more »