Month: April 2019

Fantasy, Legend, or Reality?

by Tim Shelgren – Franciscan Mission Service Who was she? She wore a white habit, she was mischievous, funny, pretty and she could fly. That’s right, Sally Fields in the television show “The Flying Nun.” Until a year ago, Sally Fields’ portrayal of this character was pretty much the only picture that came to my… Read more »

Learning and Love at Covenant House

By Kevin Chung, Jesuit Volunteer Corps My perspective on social justice used to be that no matter whether a person is white, black, Asian, Hispanic, etc., they should receive the consequences for breaking the law. My college friend would always tell me that my perspective on social justice shouldn’t be that simple, because of the… Read more »

Purpose? Where Are You?: Myra Villas – Assumption Mission Associates

Before joining the Assumption Mission Associates (AMA) Program, I was a young graduate working full-time in a comfortable job and living in the heart of Philadelphia. I felt driven from finally being out in “the real world” after college. It was a new environment with its own set of challenges: adjusting to new roommates in… Read more »

The Sisters I Never Had or Knew I Wanted

By Sean Puzzo – Dominican Volunteers USA Picture this: ten years from now a group of friends is getting back together for a reunion. They begin to share stories of what they did right after college. Some talk about their first “grown-up” jobs while others talk about moving back in with their parents, and still… Read more »

Growing Into My Role: Luz Peredo-Muniz – St. Joseph Worker, Orange

If you had asked me what the meaning of my role within Mission Hospital was when I first started my year of service through the St. Joseph Worker Program of Orange, I would have been left without words. I learned my service site would be at Mission Hospital as a Community Health Advocate halfway through… Read more »