Month: May 2019

Using My Voice

In my last blog post, I spoke about an unforgettable journey I took with my program to Tijuana, Mexico. At the end of that trip, we had the opportunity to visit the border wall which separates Tijuana from San Diego. But months before this incredible experience in Mexico, I had been to the border once… Read more »

Learning from Local LGBTQ+ Communities

Earlier this month, I sat in a room with about 20 school faculty and staff before two workshop facilitators. The participants ranged from elementary and high school administrators and teachers, representing a variety of areas, from elementary principal to 7th grade geography to 11th grade social studies. Our reason for gathering? To learn about best… Read more »

Glimpses of the Kingdom

by Becky Kreidler, Franciscan Mission Service Editor’s Note: Missioner in Guatemala, Becky Kreidler, describes a moment of receptivity as she encountered the children of Xela. Sometimes I get caught up in the intended purpose for each chapter of my life and underestimate how God is at work all around me. When I came to Guatemala… Read more »