Month: May 2020

Sacred Ground

By Monica Thom Konschnik, Jesuit Volunteer Corps; Assistant Director of Administration, Catholic Apostolate Center; Board Chair, Catholic Volunteer Network “Remove our sandals before the sacred ground of the other.” – Pope Francis, EG 169. When I stood in the Detroit airport in August of 2006, heading off into the unknown for my year of service… Read more »

Another World is Possible

Powerless. It is a feeling, an emotion, that overwhelms the very essence of our being. Nothing dispels hope quite like the feeling of powerlessness. When I was a junior in college, I interned at the Inter-Faith Committee on Latin America in St. Louis. One project I worked on was putting together Paquetes de Poder. Paquetes… Read more »

Wonder in the Unexpected

If I could give a title to my year of service thus far, it would be Wonder in the Unexpected. This year has brought me a new vision of the world, of who I am, and of what truly matters.  What I expected this year to be and what I have experienced in the past… Read more »

Expansive Advocacy

“We don’t help others because they are Catholic; we help them because we are.” This Catholic Charities principle helps me trust in the power of Christian witness.  It informs my embrace of ecumenism and partnership with secular efforts.  It affirms that faith is strongest when expansive and inclusive. I am in good company because you… Read more »

A Time for Advocacy: Increasing National Service to Meet COVID-19 Needs

Scroll down to “Take Action Here” if you know enough about this effort and are ready to contact Congress! CVN member programs and volunteers have a huge impact on communities across the world.  This COVID-19 moment offers ways to increase that impact.  As a former, long-time AmeriCorps grantee planning to re-apply for an AmeriCorps grant… Read more »