A Day in the Life: Melissa Feito – Loretto Volunteers

Melissa is one of five CVN Serving with Sisters Ambassadors – volunteers sharing the joy, energy, and fulfillment of serving alongside Catholic Sisters in CVN member programs, through creative reflection, conversation, and experience. Enjoy this post, and stay tuned to hear more from Melissa and her fellow Ambassadors over the course of their service year!


The famous green cabinets of the Junia House kitchen.


Our host Maureen, our senior producer Laura, and myself watching the solar eclipse on my very first day of work.


The view of our street from my bedroom, early in the morning.



Myself and my two housemates on a hike on our fall retreat day. That’s not our dog, we just know the owner and took her with us. 

This is a screenshot of what this entire piece looks like on the software I used to make it. This is called a multitrack. Each little green box is a sound clip that I have isolated from all the tape I collected, labeled, and as you see have arranged into what you hear in the final piece. The zig-zag lines within each box are the volume levels which have to be manipulated. The first row is mostly dialogue, the second row is music and sound effects, and the third row is more music.The red needle down the middle marks where you are listening to the multitrack. Everything on the right hand side are all the files I’ve used in this multitrack.

Melissa, a current Loretto Volunteer, will be blogging about her service experience as part of our ongoing Serving with Sisters Ambassadors series. This series is sponsored by CVN’s From Service to Sisterhood Initiative, a project made possible thanks to the support of the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation.


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