A Day in the Life of a Lasallian Volunteer

Catherine Calogero is currently serving as a Lasallian Volunteer in Racine, Wisconsin. Walk with her through an average day of her service work and community life through this photo diary.

Good morning from a snow covered Racine, Wisconsin! I am currently living and serving in Racine for a year as a Lasallian Volunteer at John XXIII Educational Center.

John XXIII Educational Center serves as an after school mentoring and tutoring program for the students of the Racine community. We host two after school sessions for students from 3:30 PM – 5:30 PM and 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM. During the day, I work on administrative tasks and facilitating outreach programs in the community. I usually begin my work day at 9:00 AM, recording the Center’s attendance from the previous day, maintaining communication with our mentors and tutors, and maintaining records of our student’s progress through our incentive program.
Another one of my responsibilities at John XXIII is to act as the librarian. I have been working on cataloging and labeling all the books that we have at the Center and am brainstorming new ways to get our students interested in reading.
On Wednesday afternoons, I spend time with a student who is studying English as a Second Language at a local middle school. We work with flashcards to help build his skills in letter recognition, phonics, and vocabulary.
Today we had a visitor! Brother Larry Schatz, the Assistant Provincial for the Midwest District of Lasallian Brothers came to our community. He spend a day in our house, visiting with each of us and learning about our work at John XXIII Educational Center.

Each afternoon, I am able to spend some time at home (which is directly next door to where I work!) because my work goes until later in the evening. During my break, I usually eat lunch and relax in preparation for the rest of my day.
Beginning at 3:30 PM, John XXIII Educational Center opens for its first session of homework help, mentoring, and tutoring. Students may come to get assistance with their homework, use computers to complete assignments, or meet with mentors from the community to discuss any questions they may have about school, home life, or any other topics they may be curious about.
Between our two sessions each day, our community eats dinner together. We take turns cooking, setting the table, and sharing clean up responsibilities.
After dinner each evening, our community prays together in the chapel in our home. Like dinner, we take turns leading prayer. As prayer leader, each person is responsible for organizing some sort of reflection, meditation, or traditional prayer for the community to take part in together. Prayer leaders change each week.
At 7:00 PM, we have a second session of mentoring and tutoring. Like the first session, students may attend to get help with their homework, use the computers, or meet with mentors from the local community.
Since Brother Larry was visiting, he asked for our community to have a meeting after The Center closed. He used this time to do a short reflection and inform our community of all the new and exciting things that are going on with Lasallians in the Midwest District!
After some socializing and tv, its time for bed. Good night!

Thanks for sharing your day with us, Catherine! We are grateful for all that you do to serve the students at  John XXIII Educational Center and your community.

If you are a current volunteer that would like to join in on this “A Day in the Life of” project – let us know! We would love to see a day in your life!

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