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…with the New York Intern Program at St. Mary’s and Church of the Heavenly Rest, by Erin Richards

 Erin Richards, a volunteer with the New York Intern Program, poses in front of the community residence.
 View from outside the Church of the 
Heavenly Rest on E 90th and 5thAvenue
Being a part of the New York Intern Program means you automatically have two new communities: one at St. Mary’s, our home, and one at your worksite, mine being Church of the Heavenly Rest. One thing that both places definitely have in common? There is always something going on! That means there are always lots of people and lots of opportunities to be involved.

Erin and her four roommates,
 also volunteers with the New York Intern Program

St. Mary’s is a small community. Every week my roommates and I get together for a spirituality gathering which we take turns leading. It can be about anything we want, which gives us time to think outside of the box and discuss new interesting topics, but also to check in about how things are going. After that there is always a group dinner. Each week it is with a different group and there is never a dull moment when 15 people get around a small table- just laughs and good memories!

One of many Wednesday night dinners at St. Mary’s
Heavenly Rest is made up of an amazing team of people. On any given day there are at least 5 activities going on, from youth ministry, to planning the 150th Anniversary, to everyday meetings and programs, to outreach activities! Heavenly Rest is a church that has deep and inquiring spirituality. It encourages you to think about church on more than just Sunday mornings, cares for the needs of all ages and stages, does God’s work outside our doors, practices stewardship as discipleship, and is always joyful and fun.

First ever staff selfie with those at Heavenly Rest

The outreach committee at Heavenly Rest is always planning something, from community meals on the Holidays, to Toy Drives, work with a neighborhood school, and a first ever parish wide day of service. The outreach committee focuses on different ministries, such as a youth, aging, and hunger/nourishment. The entire parish has the opportunity to volunteer for and get involved in these events. Anybody, no matter where you are from, can walk into Heavenly Rest and immediately feel a part of a loving community!

  Setup for a senior meal that took place in September at Heavenly Rest, just one of the events that the outreach committee does

To learn more about volunteering with the New York Intern Program, click here

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