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Letting God Love Through Me

As I work on this final blog, I am still in disbelief that I have completed my year of service in California! To say it has been a turbulent journey would be an understatement. I had assumed that I would be putting my life on pause while I served for a year, but the ups… Read more »

Using My Voice

In my last blog post, I spoke about an unforgettable journey I took with my program to Tijuana, Mexico. At the end of that trip, we had the opportunity to visit the border wall which separates Tijuana from San Diego. But months before this incredible experience in Mexico, I had been to the border once… Read more »

Discovering Courage

by Tim Deveney, Director, Precious Blood Volunteers In my mid-20s I lived and worked in Kathmandu, Nepal as a volunteer teacher. During breaks, I had opportunities to travel outside of the Kathmandu Valley and to take in the beauty of the people, cultures, jungles, hills, and mountains of Nepal. On one particular trip outside of… Read more »

Learning and Love at Covenant House

By Kevin Chung, Jesuit Volunteer Corps My perspective on social justice used to be that no matter whether a person is white, black, Asian, Hispanic, etc., they should receive the consequences for breaking the law. My college friend would always tell me that my perspective on social justice shouldn’t be that simple, because of the… Read more »

The Sisters I Never Had or Knew I Wanted

By Sean Puzzo – Dominican Volunteers USA Picture this: ten years from now a group of friends is getting back together for a reunion. They begin to share stories of what they did right after college. Some talk about their first “grown-up” jobs while others talk about moving back in with their parents, and still… Read more »

Growing Into My Role: Luz Peredo-Muniz – St. Joseph Worker, Orange

If you had asked me what the meaning of my role within Mission Hospital was when I first started my year of service through the St. Joseph Worker Program of Orange, I would have been left without words. I learned my service site would be at Mission Hospital as a Community Health Advocate halfway through… Read more »

“Cura Personalis” – Care of the Whole Person

By Hannah Wesselman, PULSE – Pittsburgh Urban Leadership and Service Experience “Cura personalis.” I first heard these words my sophomore year at St. Martin’s University, during a discussion about campus life. Little did I know, this short Latin phrase meaning, “care of the whole person,” would shape my entire life path. Like many other biology majors,… Read more »

I am Called to Be Light

By Precious Ndukwe, Mercy Volunteer Corps (Detroit, Michigan) During my senior year of college, I knew that I wanted to serve after graduation. After prayer, I felt as though God was leading me to go somewhere I had never been before. Somewhere out of my comfort zone. As a child of God, I am called… Read more »

I Encourage You to V.O.L.U.N.T.E.E.R.

By Katinka Kalusche, Brethren Volunteer Service Dear Future Volunteer: Congratulations on deciding to dedicate a part of your life to volunteering, to bringing both your knowledge and skills to a new place, and above all to expressing your love for people by serving others. Volunteering is so much more than just working without pay; it is… Read more »

Married and Called to Mission in Manila

By Katie and Luke Johnstone, Fidesco USA In August 2015, an organization called Fidesco USA sent us, a newly married couple, to serve a two-year volunteer mission in Manila, Philippines. There, we partnered with another organization, the ANAK-TNK Foundation, which provides homes for about 300 former street children as well as preschool/feeding centers for over… Read more »