Save the date! This November 9-10, CVN will host our first-ever Virtual Volunteer Fair.

See you there!

This fair – the first of its kind – will connect CVN programs with leaders and students at college campuses for two days in November to learn from each other and to foster relationships. The event schedule is more holistic than a traditional fair; it will offer students a variety of member-led information sessions, as well as spaces for discussion and discernment support.

Thanks to guidance from our dedicated working group of CVN members and campus partners, we are confident that this event will be of value for young adults seeking a hopeful answer to “What’s Next?” in an unusual academic year. We hope you will find it valuable too.

How to participate!

  • If you are a College Student and you would like to participate, please check this page for registration info later in October! You can also email [email protected] for information in the meantime.
  • If you are a CVN Program and you would like to participate, please click HERE.
  • If you are a College/University and you would like to register (at no cost) as a "supporter" of our Virtual Volunteer Fair, please click HERE.

Information Sessions Being Offered

  • Volunteering 101 - What is Faith-Based Service?
  • International Volunteering
  • Volunteer Programs with Healthcare Placements
  • Volunteer Programs with Education Placements
  • Volunteer Programs with Social Impact Placements
  • Volunteer Programs sponsored by Women’s Religious
  • Volunteer Programs sponsored by Men’s Religious
  • Volunteering - Spanish Language Session [en Espanol]
  • Volunteer Programs with Construction/Home-Building Placements
  • Volunteer Programs Serving Refugee/Resettlement Needs
  • Volunteer Programs with Church/Ministry Placements
  • Volunteer Programs with Nursing Placements
  • Volunteer Programs with Legal, Policy and Advocacy Placements
  • Volunteer Programs with Environment / Infrastructure Placements
  • Volunteer Programs with Business / Communications Placements

Discernment and Support Spaces Being Offered

  • Discernment Support - Is Service Right for Me?
  • Discernment Support - How to Choose a Service Program
  • Volunteers of Color Support Space and FAQ
  • Transition - What Happens After My Volunteer Experience?
  • Developing Allyship & Advocacy Skills while Volunteering
  • Antiracism and Racial Justice within the Volunteer Experience
  • LGBTQ+ Volunteers Support Space and FAQ
  • Can I Get a Job After Post-Grad Service?
  • How Do I Talk About My Post-Grad Service at a Job Interview?

Questions about this event? Please email Mike McCormick at [email protected] or Jocelyn Sideco at [email protected].

Campus Advocates

We are grateful for the partnership and support of these amazing college and university departments and offices!