Crossroads Antiracism Organizing and Training will facilitate a four-part online learning course for CVN member programs who wish to deepen their commitment to racial justice and equity work.

Crossroads Implicit Bias Training is a web-based course to help volunteer program staff:

  • learn about the impact of personal biases, systemic racism and other oppressions
  • gain understanding of transformational values to guide new way of operating
  • and foster supportive community of colleagues seeking to deepen their antiracism work

About the course

The course will consist of four 2.5 hour sessions (with a 15 minute break included). Facilitators will offer comprehensive resources to be utilized in and out of each session.

The session topics are as follows:

  • Session 1: Introductions, Norms, and Naming the Problem – In the first session, we will spend some time for participants and facilitators to get to know one another. We will establish community norms for courageous participation in this course and ongoing work in the network, and then spend some time working to understand why implicit bias is a priority for the CVN at this time. Lastly, facilitators will introduce a shared understanding of what implicit bias is and how it fits into a broader analysis of dominant culture and systemic oppression.
  • Session 2: Dominant Culture & White Supremacy - In this session, participants will develop a shared framework for understanding the dominant culture in the US and how the dominant culture shapes our implicit bias for what is standard, normal and good in our country. The power the dominant culture has over People of Color and other marginalized groups as well as the dominant cultural values that maintain that power arrangement are also explored. This session also covers the definition of White Supremacy as the ideology from which racism and other isms have their roots. Participants will apply their learning to their organizations and prepare a presentation for the following webinar.
  • Session 3: Listening to Reports & Continuum – Participants will report on their findings from the previous webinar. For organizations that wish to become truly antiracist institutions, the Continuum provides a roadmap for defining journey (the current reality relative to the desired outcome). Participants work together to determine the stage of the Continuum which best represents their organization and are given guidelines for ongoing use of the tool.
  • Session 4: Organizing to Address Structural Issues - Participants will be introduced to transformational values as a guide to multiple ways organizations can operate differently. We will ask: What has to shift in your organization? Given that you are part of a network, how can you support one another in making these shifts.


We are offering three cohorts for this course, each limited to 20 participants. We encourage programs to have two staff members participate in the same cohort to help facilitate effective and meaningful implementation of the content. To help make this possible, we are offering a discount for programs that register two attendees.

Registration is closed for these three cohorts. New offerings coming Fall 2021 and Spring 2022!

One Staff Member Rate
Two Staff Member Rate

Cost is per person. If you would like more than one member of your staff to participate, please register separately as individuals.



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Crossroads Antiracism Training & Organizing

Crossroads works for nothing less than the total restoration of all creation because it recognizes the ways systemic racism and other forms of structural oppression objectify and commodify the natural world and human beings. Crossroads recognizes that racism intersects all other forms of oppression and as such to resist racism requires resistance to all other forms of social inequality and oppression. Crossroads is
majority People of Color (African American, American Indian, Asian American and Latina/o) and minority cisgender men. There are multiple other layers of diversity including sexual identity, faith/spirituality, age, income, and education.

The Mission of Crossroads Antiracism Organizing & Training is to dismantle systemic racism and build antiracist multicultural diversity within institutions and communities, implemented primarily by training institutional transformation teams and guided by the following principles:

  • Crossroads grounds its work upon a systemic analysis of racism and its individual, institutional, and cultural manifestations
  • Crossroads seeks to be accountable in its work to those who share a common analysis of racism, and especially to communities of color
  • Crossroads understands its antiracism work to be part of a national and global movement for racial justice and social equality
  • Crossroads recognizes that resistance to racism also requires resistance to other forms of social inequality and oppression.


Questions can be directed to Katie Delaney, at