This year, Catholic Volunteer Network aims to increase our recruitment efforts and heighten awareness about faith-based service. These are the goals we have laid out for the year. Every month we will update our membership about our progress towards these goals.

Goal 1: Distribute 18,000 copies of RESPONSE 2020

As of January 1st, we have distributed
copies of RESPONSE 2020

Highlights: Over the holiday break, CVN Recruiter met with over 100 students and distributed over 150 copies of RESPONSE during the Student Leadership Summit (SLS) hosted by FOCUS in Phoenix, AZ.

Goal 2: Reach 100 college campuses

As of January 1st, we have visited
college campuses

Highlights: CVN hosted conversations with and distributed copies of RESPONSE 2020 to over 100 students during November's Philadelphia-Area Recruitment Circuit.

Goal 3: Exhibit at 50 events

As of January 1st, we have exhibited at

Highlights: CVN has hosted 575+ conversations with students at 34 post-grad service fairs, information sessions, and national conferences between October 2019 and January 1st, 2020.

Goal 4: Speak in 25 parishes

As of January 1st, we have spoken in

Highlights: Over a dozen CVN member program staffers and former volunteers have served as speakers for CVN, helping us to complete 19 Parish Speaking Engagements in 9 states thus far. Thank you!

Goal 5: Double the number of volunteer profiles posted to our website

In December, we increased new volunteer profiles by
over December 2018

We can’t do it alone! Here is how you can help us reach our 2019-2020 recruitment goals:

  • Make referrals: Whenever you hear from someone who isn’t a perfect match for your program, but could make a great volunteer for someone else, encourage them to check out CVN for more options – specifically, ask them to complete a volunteer profile on our website.
  • Hand out RESPONSE: carry a few with you when you are recruiting to pass along to those who want to learn about other service opportunities. Order additional copies here.
  • Add a member badge and link to your website. This helps more people learn about our community, therefore elevating awareness about faith-based service.
  • Diocesan mission offices are our best connection for invitations to speak in parishes around the country. If you have a contact in a mission office, consider making an introduction so we can strengthen our relationship with that diocese.


Questions? Contact our recruitment team: