A Time for Advocacy: Increasing National Service to Meet COVID-19 Needs

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CVN member programs and volunteers have a huge impact on communities across the world.  This COVID-19 moment offers ways to increase that impact. 

As a former, long-time AmeriCorps grantee planning to re-apply for an AmeriCorps grant this year, CVN is well-positioned to connect volunteers with opportunities that would be made possible by the Pandemic Response and Opportunity Through National Service Act.  We also look forward to the potential of new partnerships with other faith-based and secular national service programs.

Please voice your support for this effort to help rebuild communities and lives as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Supporting Pandemic National Service Legislation

National service legislation could be part of the next COVID relief bill – if it receives support from more Senators and Representatives.  Hearing from just a few committed leaders in their state or district can impact how elected officials view a bill.  You can educate and motivate your elected leaders by sharing why this legislation is relevant to both your mission and volunteerism broadly.

We have drafted some sample messages for you to use in an email to your Members of Congress.

Sample text for volunteer program staff
Sample text for current volunteers

Volunteer programs, you can help mobilize your current volunteers to support this effort. We’ve put together some sample language for you to use in an email to them here.

How to contact your elected officials:

  1. Visit THIS SITE and enter your zip code to determine who your elected officials are.
  2. Visit the websites of your elected officials to find out how to email them (email address or form).
  3. Next, craft your message using the above example and send.
  4. Please provide brief info on this Google Doc – and send Yonce (yshelton@catholicvolunteernetwork.org) anything substantial you receive as a reply.

If you have a personal relationship with your Senator/Representative or a key staff person, consider emailing them directly.  If you’d like help thinking about that, let Yonce know.

Thank you for your support of service!

If you have any questions about this legislation or CVN’s efforts to support it, please contact Yonce Shelton at yshelton@catholicvolunteernetwork.org.

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