Catholic Volunteer Network Supports Serve America Together

For nearly 60 years, Catholic Volunteer Network has believed in the power of service to transform the world. Through service, we are able to connect with individuals and communities to address and resolve problems in lasting and efficient ways. We believe this work is something we are all called to; service is not reserved for a select few. And with so many people experiencing poverty, loss, isolation, and division – the need for service is now greater than ever.

We are taking part in the Serve America Together campaign to call for increased awareness and support of national service. CVN has an important role to play as a partner in the broader, national service movement – we offer opportunities to serve that help fulfill the spiritual call to service felt by many people of faith and we work with secular partners to improve the common good. This campaign is a way to offer our voice and support – a way to advocate for the core values that we and our Serve America Together partners share.

We believe that all young adults should know about the opportunity to engage in a year of service, and the benefits that are derived from it. A year of voluntary service should be a normal part of growing up in America. An increase in federal funding to support national service programs will effectively address many of our most pressing problems.

Serve America Together is a nonpartisan campaign supported by many of our nation’s leading service organizations. Members of the Serve America Together coalition are pursuing a four-pronged strategy:

  1. Grow awareness among influencers and policymakers that universal national service is the solution our country needs now.
  2. Build the diverse, bipartisan coalition representative of service in American life that will be necessary to advocate for, build, and sustain the most equitable, impactful universal national service system possible.
  3. We’ll grow demand for national service at a local level to ensure communities across America are poised for success within a future system of universal national service.
  4. And with these assets, we’ll pass legislation and secure funding to establish a system of universal national service in America, creating a shared experience as a strong foundation for generations to come.

This week we are calling on the 2020 presidential candidates to release their national service plans and make national service a priority in their first 100 days in office.

We encourage you to join us in this campaign. For more information, visit or follow along on social media by searching the hashtag #ServeAmericaTogether.

For more information about faith-based service opportunities with CVN’s 150+ member programs, click here.

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