CVN welcomes Erin Roberts as its new Development & Communications Manager

Catholic Volunteer Network (CVN) is excited to announce that Erin Roberts has joined the CVN team as the new Development & Communications Manager. Please join us in welcoming Erin!

Where’s home?
I’m a New Yorker at heart (raised mostly in Brooklyn and spent several years in Queens as an adult), but these days home is the DC area.

Where did you go to school and what did you study?
I’ve been to school three times, actually. I studied theater and playwriting at Yale as an undergrad and then went to grad school twice – once at Syracuse University for a Master’s in Television/Radio/Film and once at the University of Southern Maine for an MFA in Creative Writing. I like to think of it as a journey through all the many different ways to tell a compelling story.

Where did you serve as a volunteer and what was your ministry?
While I haven’t served with a ministry, I’ve volunteered with a few different non-profit organizations, including the National Association for Multi-Ethnicity in Communications, Young Nonprofit Professionals Network of New York City, and Yale Alumni Diversity & Inclusion Working Group.

What is your role at CVN and what are you most looking forward to in this new position?
I’m joining CVN as the Development and Communications Manager, which means I get the privilege of helping to share what’s so special about CVN both with donors and with the world at large. I’m most looking forward to being part of a conversation, to learning from volunteers, programs, and those who care about CVN’s work just what makes it special to them, so that I can make sure that message comes through loud and clear to everyone who learns about us.

What motivates you?
My two biggest motivations in life are learning and storytelling, which for me go hand in hand. When I learn something new, I feel like I’ve uncovered a new and exciting part of the story all around us. And when I tell a story, I feel like I’m sharing a part of that knowledge with others. It’s an incredible give and take that I always feel lucky to be a part of.

Imagine you are stuck in an elevator. Who would you most like to be stuck with? Why?
MacGyver – he’d have us out of there in a jiffy! 😊

Share an interesting fact about you.
I love karaoke so much that I once joined a karaoke league (which is just like a bowling league but with a lot more singing).

Favorite quote
“Don’t be tempted by the shiny apple. Don’t you eat of a bitter fruit. Hunger only for a taste of justice. Hunger only for a world of truth.” – All That You Have Is Your Soul, Tracy Chapman

What book should everyone read? Why?
“Getting to Yes – Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In.” The idea that you should look for consensus and mutual advantage in negotiations instead of defaulting to conflict and “I win, you lose” scenarios has stuck with me for years, as has the thought that conflict resolution can be for something as large as a peace process or as small as deciding where to go to dinner.


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