12plus1 Discovery House

Goal of Program

The goals of Discovery House are to empower participants to positively impact the community, deepen their understanding of self, discern their future and explore the presence of God through a mutual exchange of gifts.

Type of Placement

Service sites minister in the area of urban education, addiction support, jail ministry, women's issues, human trafficking, health care, and immigration. Emphasis will be on contact with clients however there may be a service in any o f these categories: program, administration, development, marketing or maintenance.

Service Area

Milwaukee, WI

Service Length

Participants can select which commitment works best for them. The options are: • 4- week summer session (June 19, 2019- July 20, 2019) • Full Year (10-month commitment; July 31, 2019- May 2020) • Semester (5-month commitment; August to December or January to May)

Program Size

There will be no more than 8 volunteers in the program and never more than two volunteers at any one service site.


Qualifications are: 18-24 years of age, previous service experience, willingness to build relationships with diverse people, commitment to living in an intentional community, openness to learning about yourself, others and God, be a person of character who is reliable, responsible, persistent, has a strong work-ethic, and a positive attitude.

Financial Arrangements

Fees are meant to defer expensive associated with room, board, food, insurance, transportation, etc. • 4- week summer session $400 • Semester $2000 • Full Year $4000

Living Arrangements

Volunteers will live in a house with up to 7 other program members and a house coordinator. Expect to share a room and share in all house hold chores.


The first two weeks of the program is dedicated to orientation. A portion of orientation will be done by 12plus1 and some of it will occur at the service site in order to prepare the volunteer for their service.

Application Deadline

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis until the program is filled. Once an application is received the candidate enters a selection/discernment process.


Joe Nettesheim


301 Cheyenne Dr.
Waukesha, WI 53188
Phone: 262 349-4473


[email protected]


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Inspired by the life of Jesus and the rich Social Justice Tradition found in Scripture.

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