St. Francis Xavier Lay Missionary Society

Goal of Program

The St. Francis Xavier Lay Missionary Society is dedicated to pursuing our call to Christian mission by serving in Asia in an effort to draw people, particularly young adults, into a deeper and more meaningful relationship with God through a diverse ministry of evangelization, faith formation, and social justice. We devote ourselves to sharing the love of Christ with non-Christians and providing faith formation for those already baptized to form loving faith communities of intentional disciples empowered by the Holy Spirit and dedicated to serving Christ in every aspect of life.

Type of Placement

Our ministry in Asia encompasses three areas of missionary work: evangelization, faith formation and social justice. How these aspects are lived out in one’s ministry is characterized by each missionary’s experience, interests, skills, charisms, and region, but mostly by the work of the Holy Spirit and the openness to being transformed by Him. Ministries include: Active evangelization, Bible studies, prayer groups, young adult ministry and retreats, ecumenical Christian community building, working with marginalized populations such as: special needs orphans, homeless, domestic helpers, victims of abuse and domestic violence, migrant children. Ministry terms: 3 months (Feb-May). 9 months (Sept-May). Option to Renew for greater long-term impact, deeper relationships and lives changed. Our staff will join missionaries during the first 1-2 weeks of their arrival and toward the end of their assignment for care, assistance and evaluation.

Service Area

Hong Kong, India, Japan, and greater Asia.

Service Length

Options are 3 months and 1 year.

Program Size

1-5 missionaries per site


Long-term: Minimum B.A. college degree or equivalent work experience; Minimum 3 months of Asian language study highly encouraged; Previous international and cross-cultural living experience; Active church engagement; Leadership, teaching or organizational experience; Ability to take strong initiative and work independently in an unstructured environment; Responsible and reliable with a solid work ethic; Two letters of reference (one must be from church leader or staff); Online application form; Interview process, background check, physical exam, psychological evaluation; Formation program. Short-term: Same as long-term requirements except no psychological evaluation needed.

Financial Arrangements

Provide assistance to meet your fundraising goal: $5,000 for 3-month program or $12,000 for year program. We provide formation, travel to mission, room+board, insurance, ministry materials & support.

Living Arrangements

In community with other volunteers, occasionally living alone (depending on site and other volunteer assignments). We provide housing with wifi, hot water, no curfew, public transportation access.


Personal faith development; Spiritual direction; Missiology; Culture, History & Language; Retreat and How to lead through Evangelization, Bible/Faith studies, prayer groups, and social justice.

Application Deadline

December 3 (3-month) and April 20 (year)

Start Date

Spring Mission Experience starts at the end of January and the Year Program starts in mid-July.

Contact Name:

Sally Brien Holper


PO Box 20211
Stanford, CA 94309-0211
Phone: 650 260-3799



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