Acts of the Apostles

Goal of Program

To share the love of Christ's Heart with those in need alongside and with the Apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, gaining an experience of the sisters' lifestyle, prayer and community life.

Type of Placement

Short-term: Special needs education, Pre-School through High School, Senior Adult Day Care, multi-racial and ethnic inner city service; immigration legal services. Long-term: Service with Apostle sisters ministries throughout a semester or year; no residence provided.

Service Area

Short-term: Hamden and Bridgeport, CT; Greensburg, PA; Saint Louis, MO; Bronx, NY; Pensacola, FL

Service Length

Short-term: 1-6 weeks. Also available: regular weekly or monthly service over the course of a semester or year.

Program Size

Short term: 1-8 volunteers at individual sites.


Short Term: Single women age 18-35 Long Term: 18 and older, Men and Women

Financial Arrangements

Short-term: Room and board and local transportation provided

Living Arrangements

Short-term: Single or Group living in community owned housing with opportunity for shared prayer, meals and recreation with Sisters. Long-term: no living arrangements


On site with preliminary orientation via conference call/meeting.

Application Deadline

Specific to each program. Contact for further information.

Start Date

Determined between volunteer and program director


Maureen Martin


4440 Maryland Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63108
Phone: 203 606-9105


[email protected]


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