Basilian Volunteer Teaching Corps

Goal of Program

To provide opportunity for talented and creative college graduates to teach or tutor in under-served areas of the inner city of Detroit or on the economically challenged Caribbean island of Montserrat. These hardworking and dedicated Basilian Volunteers bring hope to their students while at the same time gaining valuable skills friendships and professional development. During their service, Basilian Volunteers grow through their experience of Gospel-based community life and inner-city/Caribbean teaching.

Type of Placement

The Basilian Volunteer Teacher Corps provides education to under-served communities in the tradition of the Basilian Fathers. Basilian Volunteers give direct service to the poor and marginalized by working as tutors, classroom teachers, and campus ministers in the economically devastated city of Detroit or Caribbean island of Montserrat.

Service Area

1- Southwest Detroit. Current volunteer placements include possible teaching opportunities at Detroit's Cristo Rey High School, Holy Redeemer Elementary School, and Southwest Solutions, a community organization. 2- British West Indian island of Montserrat placements include opportunities at St. Augustine Catholic School or in the schools or college operated by the Montserrat Ministry of Education.

Service Length

Ten/Eleven months: mid August through mid June.

Program Size

Two to Five Volunteers


The program is open to single women and men, college graduates with a passion to serve the educationally marginalized poor through teaching. Teaching certification is not required, but is helpful for many of the placements. Basilian Volunteer Teaching Corps is ecumenical but volunteers should be comfortable living and working in a Catholic environment and embracing Catholic social teaching.

Financial Arrangements

Volunteers are provided with housing, food, a monthly stipend, and health insurance to support them during their time of service. Local transportation costs are also included and, for those serving in Montserrat, transportation costs to the Caribbean.

Living Arrangements

Basilian Volunteers live a communal life sharing cooking and house chores. They are visited weekly by the members of the Basilian Volunteer Teaching Corps Working Group, who offer spiritual, emotional, and professional support. Volunteers also engage in activities in the local area to deepen their bonds of service and community.


The program begins with a two week orientation in communal living and shared reflection; the neighborhood in which they live and work; pedagogy and spirituality for teaching those who live on the periphery of society; connecting with the Basilian Fathers (or the Divine Word Fathers in Montserrat). Basilian Volunteers will also enjoy retreat time during the school year.

Application Deadline

April 1


Victoria Koivu-Rybicki


95 St. Joseph Street
Toronto, M5S 3C2
Phone: 416 921-6674


[email protected]


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