Casa Juan Diego

Goal of Program

Volunteers, both men and women, work with immigrants and refugees to provide shelter, food, clothing, transportation, medical and dental services, and English classes. Women volunteers also work with Spanish-speaking battered and/or homeless women and children. Being at Casa Juan Diego is similar to being in Latin America. Most guests speak only Spanish, although refugees from other countries are received as well. Volunteers are encouraged to respond as a community to the needs of the refugees that come to Casa Juan Diego as well as the undocumented who live in Houston. The hours are long but the work is gratifying. Faith commitment is important.

Type of Placement

Services for homeless immigrants and refugees, social services, health care, tutoring, translating, maintenance, handy people, drivers, food distribution, Hispanic ministry, kitchen organization.

Service Area

Houston, TX

Service Length

Three months to a lifetime.

Program Size

16 full-time volunteers and over 50 part-time volunteers.


Men and women. Ages 21 years and older. Ecumenical. Phone interview. Functional Spanish. References.

Financial Arrangements

Room and board, $100 monthly stipend. Health insurance and outpatient care.

Living Arrangements

Private room in women's center or men's center. Meals.


Orientation program and ongoing training during service.

Application Deadline


Start Date


Louise Zwick


P.O. Box 70113
Houston, TX 77270
Phone: 713 869-7376


[email protected]


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Catholic Worker Movement (Dorothy Day)

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