Catholic Charities USA AmeriCorps Programs

General Info
Program Contacts
2050 Ballenger Ave. Suite 400
Alexandria, VA 23314-6893
Phone: 703-236-6245
Fax: 703-549-1656
Sarah Hendley
Manager, CNCS Programs
AmeriCorps Program
Goal of Program: 
Catholic Charities USA AmeriCorps program translates the power of volunteerism and goodwill into results for clients through four programs that provide both direct and indirect service. Currently, our programs assist refugees and immigrants in the Refugee Resettlement Program and New Americans VISTA Program, veterans in the Peer Navigator Program, and limited English proficient communities preparing for disaster in the Disaster Resiliency VISTA Program.
Type of Placement: 
The Refugee Resettlement and Peer Navigator Programs engage in direct service, providing trauma informed case management to refugees and veterans respectively. The New Americas and Disaster Resiliency VISTA program provide indirect service to Catholic Charities agencies. The New American VISTA Program assists refugee and immigration departments with volunteer management, fundraising, curriculum development, and sustainability. The Disaster Resiliency VISTA Program creates partnerships and relationships between limited English proficient communities and disaster organizations, helping to create trust that will ensure better outcomes for non-English speakers in the time of a disaster.
Service Area: 
Our AmeriCorps members serve across the country at Catholic Charities agencies through our four national programs. Specifics on location can be found below.
Service Length: 
All of CCUSA's AmeriCorps positions are one year service term commitment. The Refugee Resettlement, New Americans VISTA, and Disaster Resiliency VISTA Programs are all full time programs, and the Peer Navigator program has both part time and full time options.
All AmeriCorps volunteers must be able to pass a criminal history and be willing to dedicate a year of their life to service. Educational background requirements vary between each site, but a high school diploma is a minimum across all sites and predominately a college degree will be needed. Candidates who speak another language are highly sought after.
Financial Arrangement: 
For the Peer Navigator and Refugee Resettlement Programs, the living allowance for 2018 is $13,732 per year. Other benefits include: education award for loans or futures educational expenses ($5,920 as of May 1, 2018), healthcare, childcare, loan forbearance and deferment, and training. For the New Americans and Disaster Resiliency VISTA Programs, the living allowance varies depending on the county of service. The living allowance per county information is available here. For VISTA programs only: education award for loans or futures educational expenses ($5,920 as of May 1, 2018) or end of service stipend, healthcare, childcare, loan forbearance and deferment, training, relocation allowance, and non-competitive eligibility for federal jobs.
Living Arrangements: 
The volunteer is independently responsible for finding housing. The service location will offer advice but does not locate housing for the AmeriCorps members.
Program Size: 
Refugee Resettlement Program - 24 members. Peer Navigator Program - 20 members. Disaster Resiliency VISTA Program - 4 VISTAs. New Americans VISTA Program - 25 VISTAs.
For Refugee Resettlement and Peer Navigator Program, a national training at Catholic Charities USA is offered for all members. If unable to attend, an online training module is available for reviewing. In addition, training is offered at the local site and throughout service. For the New Americans and Disaster Resiliency VISTA Program, each VISTA is required to attend a Pre-Service Orientation prior to service and will receive and orientation to the local program site at the beginning of service. In addition, webinars and other training opportunities are offered throughout the term of service.
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