Farm of the Child

General Info
USA Mailing Address
1616 Nottingham Knoll Drive
Jacksonville, FL 32225
Phone: 727-475-4459
Fax: 904-221-7773
Program Contacts
Allison Crawford
Missionary Recruitment
Apdo. Postal #110
Phone: 011-504-9965-2522
Ysmary Trejo
Program Director
Catholic Lay Apostolate
Goal of Program: 
Farm of the Child is a children's home, Catholic primary and middle school, medical clinic, and community outreach program located on the Caribbean coast and the edge of the Mosquitia rain forest. The mission of Farm of the Child is to care for and improve the physical, educational, spiritual, and social needs of abandoned and neglected children of Honduras so that they may become productive, Christian members of Honduran society. By providing a loving home, Farm of the Child hopes to provide a therapeutic environment that helps children to heal from their wounds and trauma. In some small way, our goal is to help build the Kingdom of God in Trujillo, Honduras, Central America. Our missionaries come together to live in a faith community rooted in prayer that seeks to live out the gospel message.
Type of Placement: 
The majority of volunteers serve as teachers or medical professionals; there are limited placements available for those skilled and/or certified in the following areas: social workers, arts & recreation professionals, psychologists, pastoral ministers, construction/maintenance, agriculture, vocational programs, house parents, administrators, and business/finance.
Service Area: 
Farm of the Child is located in the rural, coastal town of Trujillo, Honduras, Central America.
Service Length: 
Missionaries have a choice of serving for 15 or 27 months. Typically, missionaries spend August and September in language school in Guatemala and then travel together to Honduras around October where they begin their service in Honduras. Missionaries may discern to stay for a 2nd year.
Faith-filled men and women who love children and wish to serve them by living together in a faith-based, Catholic community. Couples who have been married for at least two years may apply. Families are also welcome to apply. Spanish fluency is not required although some basic knowledge is extremely important. All missionaries commit to the pillars of community, simplicity, faith, and service.
Financial Arrangement: 
Room and board are provided. Missionaries fundraise for language school, transportation back and forth to the States each year, health insurance, and a small monthly stipend.
Living Arrangements: 
Missionaries live together in a community house, unless they are a married couple or family in which case separate housing is available. All of the missionaries share in daily prayer life, as well as meals, jobs, chores, etc.
Program Size: 
8-12 international volunteers (five to seven accepted each year).
On-site orientation and job training provided, in addition to pre-departure training. Language and cultural training is received in Guatemala prior to arrival.
Application Deadline: 
Application deadline extended. Late applications ARE considered on a rolling basis until all positions are filled.
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