Franciscan At-One-Ment Mission Project

Goal of Program

The Franciscan Friars of the Atonement invite young men to serve in one of their At-One-Ment ministries of bringing about healing and reconciliation in our world. Opportunities include: 1) helping men struggling with chemical addiction recover, heal, and regain their lives as productive members of society, or 2) fostering religious dialogue so that all Christian faiths and world religions may work together to bring reconciliation to our divided world. The experience integrates a vital discernment component in which participants meet weekly to reflect upon how God is calling them to serve the Church and the world.

Type of Placement

Volunteers may apply for the following tracks: 1) TRACK ONE volunteers help chemically dependent men recover and heal at ST. CHRISTOPHER'S INN (, which is a treatment center dedicated to the physical, emotional and spiritual healing of men struggling with chemical addiction. Volunteers offer a supportive ministry of presence as they work along-side the men in completing their daily therapeutic work assignments, such as working in the kitchen and laundry room. Walking in solidarity with the men also includes joining them at Eucharist, daily meditation, weekly group counseling sessions, and lectures about chemical addiction and recovery. Volunteers will also help staff with vital research that follows the sobriety of men after they complete their time at the Inn. 2) TRACK TWO volunteers foster religious dialogue through working at GRAYMOOR ECUMENICAL & INTERRELIGIOUS INSTITUTE ( in Manhattan. GEII promotes Christian unity and interreligious dialogue in North America

Service Area

1) TRACK ONE: Participants volunteer at St. Christopher’s Inn at Graymoor in Garrison, NY (near New York City). 2) TRACK TWO: Participants volunteer at Graymoor Ecumenical & Interreligious Institute in Manhattan well as Centro Pro Unione in Rome. Upon returning from Rome, track two participants give presentations at Catholic parishes in Toronto and Washington D.C. area.

Service Length

Short-term: 8 weeks (mid-June to mid-August).

Program Size

4-6 total participants.


Men, single, Catholic, age 19-25, who have preferably completed at least two years of college.

Financial Arrangements

Lodging, food, and transportation related to programming are covered, with the exception that Graymoor Ecumenical & Interreligious Institute (Track 2) participants are responsible for roundtrip airfare to and from Rome.

Living Arrangements

1) TRACK ONE: St. Christopher’s Inn volunteers live on-site and share living quarters with the Friars. As part of the immersion experience, participants will eat and pray with the men in rehabilitation at the Inn, while also having a chance to get to know the Friars and their charisms of reconciliation and healing. 2) TRACK TWO: GEII volunteers will live in community with a small group of Friars at their residences in Manhattan and in Rome, respectively. They will participate with the Friars in the routine of community meals and prayer. Volunteers of both Tracks I & II will come together often for days of discernment and fellowship.


There is an orientation weekend and ongoing training/mentoring for both tracks.

Application Deadline

The priority deadline for the Graymoor Ecumenical & Interreligious Institute (GEII) track is March 1. The priority deadline for St. Christopher's Inn (SCI) track is April 1. Applications are accepted after the priority deadlines until all positions are filled.


Paul Krenzelok


40 Franciscan Way
Garrison, 10524
Phone: 845 424-2122


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