Franciscan Farm Fellows

Goal of Program

Franciscan Farm Fellows is a new pilot program of the Office of Young Adults with the Sisters of St. Francis of Philadelphia. Beginning August 1st and ending mid-December, Franciscan Farm Fellows will work at Red Hill Farm, a six-acre organic Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm, learning about sustainable agriculture from the ground up. Farm Fellows will work as a team alongside farmers, volunteers, and other participating fellows to cultivate a healthy farm and grow organic produce. This program thoughtfully intertwines the Franciscan Tradition into the farming experience. Franciscan Farm Fellows will be given ample opportunities for prayer, reflection, and deepening of faith through time spent with the director, attending retreats, workshops, and interactions with the Sisters of St. Francis. All Farm Fellows will live in community, supporting each other by sharing household responsibilities as well as supporting each other in their individual and collective spiritual journeys.

Type of Placement

From August until December, Franciscan Farm Fellows will work 32 hours each week on the farm with one week day and most weekends off, which will be determined with the Farm Manager. Deciding to join the Franciscan Farm Fellows program will open up an intimate relationship with the land through farming. Franciscan Farm Fellows can expect days of hard work completing tasks such as cultivating the fields, planting seeds, transplanting seedlings, harvesting, cleaning produce, and working in the share room when Red Hill Farm’s CSA members pick up their farm shares. Working on a farm requires teamwork, dedication, endurance, and getting your hands dirty. Farmers work in all kinds of weather from the hot days in August to the chilly days in November. Come to the farm dressed for the day’s weather, prepared with water and snacks, and ready to work with a positive attitude.

Service Area

Aston, PA (Greater Philadelphia Area)

Service Length

August 1-mid-December

Program Size

4-5 volunteers


Volunteers are typically between the ages of 21 and 35 with no impediments to committing to a simple lifestyle in community for a service term of 5 months.

Financial Arrangements

Volunteers receive a simple personal stipend of $125 a month as well as a communal house budget that covers all necessities including groceries, household needs, transportation, and health insurance as is needed.

Living Arrangements

Volunteers live together in a house with individual bedrooms and shared bathroom. Volunteers share in meals, weekly community night, and commit to simplifying waste, recycling, and composting.


Volunteers will engage in an orientation retreat at the start of their service term and will participate in workshops and retreats throughout the year.

Application Deadline

Rolling Admission

Start Date

August 1st


Sara Marks


609 S. Convent Rd
Aston, PA 19014
Phone: 610 558-7709


[email protected]


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