Glenmary Volunteer Program

General Info
Glenmary Volunteer Program
1943 Joppa Mountain Road
Rutledge, TN 37861
Phone: 606-202-3658
Fax: none
Program Contacts
Glenmary Volunteers on Joppa Mountain
P.O. Box 69
Rutledge, TN 37861
Phone: 606-202-3658
Fax: none
Mr. Joseph Grosek
Volunteer Director
Mr. Joe Grosek
Volunteer DIrector
Glenmary Home Missioners
Goal of Program: 
The Glenmary Volunteer program at Joppa Mountain, Tennessee is a retreat-like, mission immersion program for high school, college-age and adult volunteer groups to experience the mission and ministry of the Glenmary Home Missioners. OUR MISSION Glenmary’s Group Volunteer Program is designed to give participants a firsthand experience of missionary service. Each week-long session is a retreat-like mission immersion blending the values of service, culture, prayer, reflection and sharing in an environment of simple living. It is the goal of the program to connect people with God, help them find Christ in others, and teach them to serve others first and put themselves second. Glenmary's long-term volunteers act as a catalyst to volunteer groups serving with Glenmary's Group Volunteer Program on Joppa Mountain (Toppa Joppa) and to those living in Tennessee's Grainger and Union counties. They not only help serve the needs of the materially needy living in these counties, but also the needs of the volunteers who come from a multitude of places in the United States to serve at Toppa Joppa.
Type of Placement: 
Long-term: Five individuals to serve as leaders of the short-term groups. Short-term: Year round placements of five to 10 days in Appalachian setting for cross-cultural mission immersion experience.
Service Area: 
Grainger and Union Counties in Tennessee
Service Length: 
Long-term: 3-24 months are offered for those who want to serve longer than a week Short-term: 2 -7 days are offered with preference given to groups who serve 6-7 days at site.
Long-term: Mountain Managers must be 21 years and older and have a High School Degree, The Mountain Manager application includes background check and psychological to determine if the individual is suited for Mission life. Short term: 14 years and older open to serve a week in the missions of rural USA
Financial Arrangement: 
Long-term: Room and board, full medical benefits, vehicle provided, unlimited long domestic telephone use, student loan assistance and monthly stipend.. Short-term: Room and board and coverage by accidental injury insurance.
Living Arrangements: 
Long-term: Tiny houses in rural setting. Live in community with other long term volunteer(s). Short-term: Live in community with other volunteers in dormitory-style dwelling.
Program Size: 
Long-term: Five long term volunteers per year in rural Appalachia. Short-term: Groups of 12 to 24 per week long session.
Long-term: Orientation by Volunteer Director and other personnel of the Glenmary Home Missioners and local professionals. Short-term: Orientation given on-site by long-term volunteers and Glenmary Volunteer Director.
Application Deadline: 
Long-term: Ongoing. Short-term: year round opportunities

Current Urgent Opportunities

Glenmary Mountain Managers Needed

Come and serve those in need in Union and Grainger Counties, Tennessee. The Glenmary Home Missioners are looking for individuals to serve 3-24 months at a retreat like mission immersion program in Tennessee. Volunteers serve the community in Home Repair/Rennovation for those in need, serving at Local Food Pantries, Visiting a local Nursing and work at a Home for children. Long term volunteers provide leadership to multiple High School, College, and Adult groups who come to serve on a week long basis. The Glenmary Home Missioners provide Room, Board, Health insurance, help with payment of student loans, stipend and unlimited domestic to those who serve as a long term Mountain Manager.
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