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Goal of Program

Our mission is to offer a MINISTRY OF PRESENCE to those who suffer the most - the poor, the lonely, the abandoned, the rejected and the isolated. Walking with the weary-hearted, we seek to offer the comfort and hope of God’s love and mercy through personal, life-transforming relationships that reveal the beauty and dignity of each person.

Type of Placement

Our volunteers live in places where there is deep suffering (slums and inner-city neighborhoods) to offer their unconditional friendship and comforting presence. Heart’s Home houses are nestled in some of the poorest neighborhoods in big cities around the globe, and it is there that our volunteers immerse themselves in the culture and in the hearts of the people they serve. By offering comfort and hope through relationships built on mutual respect and trust, and by being a bridge with local organizations, our volunteers want to rebuild a sense of dignity in each person - especially the elderly, the children, the handicapped, the forsaken. Apart from time spent with those in their neighborhoods, volunteers also regularly visit places of great distress such as jails, orphanages, and hospitals. Grounded in an intense prayer life and supported by an international community of fellow volunteers, Heart’s Home’s missionaries seek, above all, to emulate Mary's compassion and consolation at the foot of the Cross.

Service Area

Americas: USA (Brooklyn), Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Cuba, El Salvador, Ecuador, Honduras, Peru, Uruguay Africa: Senegal Asia: India, Japan, Philippines, Thailand Europe: Greece, Italy, Romania

Service Length

From 12 – 24 months.

Program Size

Each Heart’s Home has 4-7 volunteers from different nationalities. We have 40 homes in 20 countries.


Age 18-30, good physical and psychological health, open to prayer and community life. No degree required, but references requested.

Financial Arrangements

Each volunteer finds financial supporters for their mission, thus creating a network of compassion. This financial sponsorship allows Heart’s Home to provide room and board, living expenses, medical insurance, transportation to and from mission site, orientation and re-entry training, and monthly retreats. If eligible, loan deferment and forbearance is possible.

Living Arrangements

Each of our homes is an intentional community of 4-7 young people from different nationalities who live in the neighborhood they serve. They seek to live a simple lifestyle, as close as possible to their friends and neighbors.


Before: Come & See discernment weekend in NY & 2 week Orientation Program. During mission, ongoing spiritual and cultural formation. After mission: a “Re-entry” retreat

Application Deadline

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Natalia Fassano


26 Olive Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211
Phone: 718 522-2121


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