Holy Family Service Corps

General Info
Pittsburgh, PA
8235 Ohio River Blvd.
Pittsburgh, PA 15202
Phone: 412-766-9020 x1304
Fax: 412-766-5434
Program Contacts
Western Pennsylvania
8235 Ohio River Blvd
Pittsburgh, PA 15202
Phone: 412-766-9020 Ext:1304
Fax: 412-766-5434
Lynn Guerra
Director of Volunteer Services
Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth
Goal of Program: 
Young men and women are invited to enrich their understanding and experience of FAMILY in a world that struggles to be family. The Holy Family Service Corps provides an opportunity to focus on the essentials of life by adopting a simple lifestyle, sharing in common, growing in faith, developing relationships, and providing service. During the year of service, volunteers will discover how the values of faithful listening, loving relationships, and finding God in the everyday can restore hope and transform lives. New this year is a 2 year teaching fellow program in collaboration with Duquesne University and Holy Family Academy through which a masters degree can be obtained.
Type of Placement: 
Long-term and Short-term: Volunteers have the opportunity to work in education, early learning services, elder care, refugee and resettlement services, social services, youth mentoring, family support services, etc. Volunteer placements will be made based on individual interests, skills, and the organizational needs. New in 2018-2019: Teaching fellowship offering masters degree in Education or Counseling with service in an education setting,
Service Area: 
Greater Pittsburgh, PA Region with potential to expand to Eastern Pennsylvania.
Service Length: 
Traditional 11 month term (mid-August to mid-July), which could be extended to a two-year term with volunteer interest and approval from the ministry site. Teaching Fellowship term is a 2 year commitment for those seeking a masters degree.
Females or males 21 years or older, college degree in area of service or work experience, good mental and physical health, willing to live simply in community, comfortable in Catholic faith-sharing environment, sense of humor, enthusiasm, and flexibility.
Financial Arrangement: 
Long-term: Each volunteer will be provided with room and board, a community transportation and food stipend, a personal living stipend, health insurance stipend (long-term only if needed), and a scholarship upon completion of the year of service (traditional long-term only).
Living Arrangements: 
Home style community living with private bedroom, shared common areas, and bathrooms.
Program Size: 
Traditional Long-term program: 2 to 7 volunteers per year in Pittsburgh. Teaching Fellowship program: maximum of 4 fellows per year. .
One-week orientation and ongoing professional development seminars. Ministry site training length will vary. On the job training will be provided.
Application Deadline: 
June 1st for traditional long-term and teaching fellow program.
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