Lutheran Volunteer Corps (LVC)

Goal of Program

The Lutheran Volunteer Corps motto is “A year of service, a lifetime of commitment.” LVC is committed to producing the next generation of social justice leaders by matching them in positions at outstanding nonprofit organizations. Our Volunteers will: explore how their privilege impacts their day to day choices; create a strong connection between personal values and how one lives their lives; and deepen skill of building relationships with people from different backgrounds and cultures. 

Type of Placement

Food Justice, health care, education, legal assistance, youth and children's programs, domestic violence, environmental, public policy and advocacy, LGBTQ, hunger programs, immigration/refugee services, housing, homeless shelters, general social services, community organizing, etc.

Service Area

DC, Baltimore, Wilmington DE, Twin Cities MN, Omaha NE, Chicago IL

Service Length

One year beginning each August; and Flex Semesters of 3-5 months beginning in August, January, or June; all with an option to renew; 40 hours per week.

Program Size

Approximately 50 volunteers each year.


Volunteers must be 21 years old. Need not be Lutheran. Married couples and committed partners are welcome to apply.

Financial Arrangements

Furnished housing, health insurance, personal & food stipends, travel costs. Two weeks vacation. Student loans can usually be deferred or placed in forbearance.

Living Arrangements

Volunteers live in intentional communities of four to seven people; or with the FLEX program, choose a no-housing option.


Anti-oppression training is the core of our curriculum, taking place during multi-day National Orientation, local orientation, regional retreats; job-specific training provided by placement orgs.

Application Deadline

Applications are accepted starting January 15. Earlier applicants have a wider choice of placements.

Start Date


Shae Agee


1226 Vermont Ave NW
Washington, DC 20005
Phone: 202 387-3222


[email protected]


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