Maggie's Place

Goal of Program

Maggie’s Place provides houses of hospitality and ongoing support to help pregnant and parenting women in need reach their goals, and welcomes them into a community filled with love and dignity. AmeriCorps members serve as live-in support staff in our home. They offer nonjudgemental support and create intentional community in the homes.

Type of Placement

Maggie’s Place AmeriCorps are radical change-makers who are committed to immerse their lives in intentional community with pregnant women experiencing homelessness. They live in the homes with the moms and the babies. Their lives, alongside the lives of the moms, are transformed by the sacrificial love and hope they give. With the tools of trauma-informed care and a dedication to servant leadership, AmeriCorps are on the frontlines of the fight to put an end to ACES (Adverse Childhood Experiences), and break the relentless cycle of poverty. They must be emotionally mature and resilient, empathetic, accepting of diverse backgrounds, beliefs, and cultures, and open to growing through uncomfortable situations. We train Corps members in conflict resolutions, trauma-informed care, best practices for working with vulnerable populations, and emotional de-escalation techniques.

Service Area

Greater Phoenix, AZ Metropolitan Area

Service Length

Year-long commitments, renewable upon invitation. Summer commitments: 8 weeks. Spring Break groups welcome.

Program Size

4 homes with 4 AmeriCorps members at each home.


Must be female and are ideally at least 21 years of age. Emotional & mental resiliency. Operate well under stress. Willing to grow outside comfort zone.

Financial Arrangements

Room and board, $1189 monthly stipend, health insurance, access to community vehicles, gym membership reimbursement, Americorps education stipend.

Living Arrangements

AmeriCorps share bedrooms (two to four people per room) and live in community with each other, pregnant women, new mothers, and their babies.


1-2 week introductory training for yearlong Corps, professional development weekly, ongoing supervisory meetings.

Application Deadline

11/19/21 and 3/11/22

Start Date



Rosie Krenek


P.O. Box 1102
Phoenix, AZ 85001
Phone: 602 596-4996


[email protected]


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Erin Grim

[email protected]

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