Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ Volunteer Program

Goal of Program

The mission of the PHJC Volunteer Program is to offer Christian women (men for short immersions and and college groups) unique opportunities in a faith-based context to live out their Baptismal call to share God's presence in the world. Volunteers are inspired by openness to the Spirit, simplicity, community, sustainability, and dignity and respect for all. Our program seeks to meet the needs and interests of both the individual and the ministry served. Volunteers live in intentional community with our Sisters.

Type of Placement

Social services, outreach to elderly, care for Earth, spirituality, education, community health, the arts, women, children on the margins, neglected or abused infants and toddlers, food pantries, soup kitchen, food ministry, clothing and shelter, agriculture, ESL, parenting classes, nursing and more.

Service Area

Chicago and Indiana, Mexico, Kenya, Germany and India (by availability)

Service Length

1 week to 1 year

Program Size

10 and under


17+ immersions and short-term; 19+ long-term, at least a green card

Financial Arrangements

More than 3 months - stipend, spiritual direction, retreats, ministry transportation and more

Living Arrangements

Intentional community with Sisters and/or other volunteers


Orientation to community and ministry, leadershkip and profesional development and Catholic Social Teachings

Application Deadline


Start Date



Sr. Connie Bach, PHJC


1213 E. Bronson St.
South Bend, IN 46615
Phone: 574 340-6409


[email protected]


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Catholic (accepting Christian women, men for immersions, and college groups)

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