Project Transformation

General Info
Project Transformation National
4024 Caruth Blvd.
Dallas, TX 75225-5403
Phone: 469-513-2590
Program Contacts
Project Transformation North Texas
4024 Caruth Blvd.
Dallas, TX 75225-5403
Phone: 214-946-3600
Fax: 214-946-3651
Elspeth Allen Glaubitz
Young Adult Program Manager
Project Transformation Rio Texas
16400 Huebner Road
San Antonio, TX 78248-1693
Phone: 210-408-4510
Kaci Boylan
Program Director
Project Transformation Tennessee
522 Russell Street
Nashville, TN 37206-4114
Phone: 615-810-9620
Sarah McCormick
Director of Leadership Development
Project Transformation Oklahoma
1501 NW 24th Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73106-3635
Phone: 405-530-2008
Charlie Ludden
Associate Director
Project Transformation Central Texas
1310 S. Collard Street
Fort Worth, TX 76105-1609
Phone: 817-531-6540
Chelsea Jones
Program Director
Project Transformation Pacific Northwest
401 E. 33rd Street
Vancouver , WA 98663
Phone: 360-693-5881
Sean Crews
Program Coordinator
United Methodist
Goal of Program: 
To provide young adults hands-on opportunities to build lasting relationships with under-served children and youth, live in intentional Christian community, experience cultural and socio-economic diversity, and explore various vocations in ministry and service.
Type of Placement: 
Long-term: One-year service fellowships (Dallas and Nashville chapters only); Full-time and part-time positions available; Young adults plan and lead after-school programs for elementary children during the school year and lead summer day camp programs for children and youth during the summer, live in Christian community; participate in ongoing training and weekly leadership courses; participate in worship at their site churches; and explore different vocations in ministry and service. Short-term: 8-10 week summer internships; full-time; dates vary by location (all locations below); Young adults work in teams to implement an eight-week summer day camp for children and youth; live in Christian community; explore various vocations in ministry or service; participate in weekly worship service and daily devotions; and participate in worship at site churches.
Service Area: 
Long-term: Tennessee (Nashville); North Texas (Dallas) Short-term: North Texas (Dallas, Denison); Central Texas (Forth Worth); Rio Texas (San Antonio, Boerne); Oklahoma (Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Bartlesville, Mangum, Enid, Muskogee); Tennesee (Nashville, Memphis, Murpheesboro, Clarksville); Pacific Northwest (Vancouver, WA).
Service Length: 
Long-term: Dallas: 11.5 months (Sept. 1 - early August); Nashville: 11.5 months (end of May - early May) Short-term: Summer (typically June - early August but dates vary by location)
Long-term: Must have one year of college or at least 19 years old. Competitive applicants will be highly motivated, self-starters, possess strong interpersonal and communication skills; enjoy working with children and/or youth; be open-minded; have a desire to love and serve others; be dedicated to living in community with other young adults in a structured environment; and be interested in exploring vocations in ministry and service. Short-term: Same as above
Financial Arrangement: 
Long-term: Benefits vary by site, but typically includes a living stipend (ranging from $2,133 - $12,100, depending on service type), community housing, and travel reimbursement. Short-term: Living stipend for the summer (ranging from $1,500 - $2,500 depending on location), room and board.
Living Arrangements: 
Long-term: Living arrangements vary by chapter location, but community housing is typically provided for full-time positions and may be available for part-time positions. Short-term: All summer interns are required to live in intentional community. Living arrangements vary by chapter location, but typical examples include university campuses, community houses, and apartment complexes.
Program Size: 
Long-term: Approximately 40 young adults serve one-year terms between the North Texas and Tennessee chapters of Project Transformation. Short-term: Approximately 300 young adults serve across all Project Transformation chapters. Each chapter serves between three and ten sites, with teams of 8-12 young adults per site.
Long-term: One week of pre-service program training is provided, as well as on-site orientation. Project Transformation provides training in the following areas: Curriculum implementation, First Aid/CPR. conflict resolution, anti-racism, diversity, team building, classroom management, and vocational discernment. Ongoing training is provided throughout the program; and additional retreats are offered for one-year positions. Short-term: Same as above.
Application Deadline: 
Varies by chapter location, but January 15th is priority deadline for most locations.
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