Kinship Community Food Center

Goal of Program

The Mission Internship at Kinship Community Food Center provides an opportunity for young people to give a dedicated time to community, prayer, service, and formation. Mission interns live a life of daily prayer, rooted in a personal relationship with Christ and Catholic tradition, grow in leadership and career development as they support non-profit community work, run food center and urban farm operations and programming, and find a place of belonging as they live within the neighborhoods they serve. Missionaries live life together in separate men and women’s homes that foster faith, vulnerability, personal growth, and deeper friendship. Following the example of Christ who specially loves the poor, missionaries study Catholic Social Teaching and seek to build relationships with those on the margins of society. As missionaries grow in communal life, daily prayer, service, and simple-living, not only are their lives transformed but the love they receive extends to the larger neighborhood and church community.

Type of Placement

Operations at a Community Food Center include local community engagement, community meals, an urban vegetable farm, a mentoring program, education, food procurement and inventory management. All work together towards the betterment of the neighborhoods in which we serve.

Service Area

Milwaukee, WI - USA

Service Length

3-months or 1-year

Program Size

10 volunteers


Young Adults ages 21-26. Any background of study / no college degree required. Open to Catholic Spiritual teaching and life.

Financial Arrangements

$400 + room and board

Living Arrangements



Operational training about how to run a Community Food Center, Gain leadership experience in non-profit community work, how to have collaborative and diverse teamwork.

Application Deadline

May 2023

Start Date

August 2023-August 2024 (yearlong); June-August 2023 (Summer)


Samantha Vosters


2610 N. Martin Luther King Dr.
Milwaukee, WI 53212
Phone: 920 470-4167


[email protected]


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