Urban Servant Corps

Goal of Program

Urban Servant Corps is a faith-based, intentional community of full-time volunteers who seek to live simply while serving and accompanying those most in need at non-profit partner agencies in the heart of Denver. USC volunteers commit to engaging with values of intentional community, service, simplicity and spirituality. During a year of service, members also benefit from professional development, vocational discernment, and leadership opportunities.

Type of Placement

Urban Servant Corps volunteers are placed at a variety of non-profit organizations in the Denver community. These organizations address basic human concerns of low-income and at-risk populations and provide immediate, direct service as well as lasting solutions and long-term social change. USC's partner non-profit organizations provide a wide range of experience for volunteers that suit individual interests: people who are homeless, youth/young adults, women and children, education programs, job training, food and nutrition, health care, housing services, basic needs, etc.

Service Area

Central Denver

Service Length

One year, late-August to mid-August of the following year.

Program Size

18 full-time volunteers


A commitment to service, a desire to live in intentional community, 21 years of age or older (no upper limit!), Bachelor of Arts degree (or equivalent) preferred

Financial Arrangements

Food, housing, health insurance, monthly stipend, professional growth and development fund, transportation to and from work (if site is more than 2 miles away).

Living Arrangements

There are private bedrooms for each volunteer in a large community house; common spaces are shared. Community decisions are made by consensus. There are regularly schedule intentional community times and all are asked to participate.


One week orientation to community life and to the city of Denver. Retreats and workshops throughout the year. On-site job training is provided to each volunteer by their service site.

Application Deadline

Application priority deadline is March 1. Applications are accepted until all 18 positions are filled.

Start Date

August 29, 2021


Krista Kilgus


1660 Ogden St.
Denver, CO 80218
Phone: 303 894-0076


[email protected]


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Carolyn Sautter


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Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) and Reconciling in Christ (welcome and affirm LGBTQ individuals). Applicants from all denominations are welcome.

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