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Goal of Program

UCC Volunteer Ministries offers 3 full-time volunteer programs for leadership development. The Young Adult Service Communities (11 months) and Summer Communities of Service (10 weeks), place groups of 2-6 interns in their 20s with a local host program for direct service or justice advocacy, living in intentional community, and leadership development for faith-based justice.The Partners in Service program for individuals and couples ages 19 and older to serve with an individual agency to increase its capacity to serve. UCC Volunteer Ministries does not discriminate against applicants on the basis of religion, race, color, national origin, gender, age, sexual orientation or disabilities.

Type of Placement

Health and human service agencies, disaster ministries, camps and conference centers, housing cooperatives, food banks, congregations, homeless shelters, and advocacy ministries.

Service Area

United States

Service Length

Young Adult Service Communities: 11 months, September - July. Summer Communities of Service: 10 weeks in summer. Partners in Service-Long-term: Nine months to one year or longer. Short-term: One month to eight months.

Program Size

60 total participants


Ages 21-35 years (Young Adult Service Communities). Ages 19 + years (Summer Communities of Service). At least 19 years of age (Partners in Service). Willingness to re-locate for a period of time and be in service with others. Volunteers pay for travel.

Financial Arrangements

Room, board, small monthly stipend for personal expenses. Medical insurance (if needed). Support for Loan forbearance, deferment, or entry into U.S. Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program.

Living Arrangements

Varies, depending on host agency's setting: Apartment, Dormitory style, host family.


Long-term: On-site training is provided by host agency. Annual mid-year gathering organized by Office of Volunteer Ministries. Short-term: On-site training is provided by host agency.

Application Deadline

Young Adult Service Communities and Summer Communities of Service: February 15. Partners in Service-Long-term: May 1 for September placement. September 1 for January placement. Summer: March 15 for placement. Short-term Partners in Service: Rolling year round.

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Danielle Hickman


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Brande Midgett-Crosby
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