Webinars & Podcasts

Below are recorded webinars we have conducted in the past. These are hosted on vimeo.com.

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Catholic Volunteer Network 101

This hour long orientation will walk you through all the benefits of CVN membership including a special focus on making the most of the resources available through our website. It is a great way to ensure that you are making full use of your CVN membership to promote and strengthen your volunteer program.


Small Organizations, Big Gifts

This webinar will take the mystery our of soliciting large gifts for your organization, building a team of volunteers to help with fund raising, and infusing every aspect of your organization with a culture of philanthropy. Even directors of small organizations - with a little patience, discipline, and gumption - can get gifts from individuals in the four-, five-, or six-figure range. Both the theory of major gifts fund raising and the nitty-gritty how-to's will be covered, including steps you can start immediately.

Stepping Up Your Fundraising Game

Have a burning fundraising question even after years of working to raise money for your programs? Program staff are invited to join  this webinar, which will aim to address areas such as: corporate/foundation giving; annual funds and major gifts; fundraising planning; and board and committee fundraising.

Successful Fundraising for Imperfect Boards

Do you want your Board to be more involved in fundraising to support your program? Join us as we discuss how to empower your Board members to participate in fundraising and how to build a Board that better supports your fundraising needs.

Money follows Mission - Don't be Afraid to Make the Ask

Presenter: Father Michael Martin, OFM Conv., and Director of the Duke University Catholic Center. In this one-hour session Father Mike will approach fundraising as an expansive, potentially life-giving activity stemming from a clear mission and purpose within your volunteer program. Father Michael will share encouragement and strategies for: communicating your vision; setting reachable fundraising goals; moving past doubt and hesitation in making the ask; and cultivating long-term relationships with those who support your mission.


Sharing the Journey on Social Media

In this webinar, we talk about the most popular social media platforms, their audiences and their strengths. We also talk about online metrics as a form of listening, and how to use your online presence to build relationships with those who are discerning a call to serve. This session is facilitated by Jane Asyltine from A Nun's Life Ministries.

Making a Lasting Impression: Effective Campus Recruitment

This hour-long webinar discusses ways to build a stronger presence on college campuses through effective recruitment strategies. Learn what you can do to prepare before the fairs, ways to build better relationships with campus personnel, and tips for following up with interested students. Special guest presenters include: Tom King of Loyola Marymount University and Alisa Macksey of Lasallian Volunteers.

Supporting and Recruiting Volunteers of Color at Home and Abroad

Facilitator Kimmie Fink draws on her own experience as an Asian volunteer in Latin America to share the experiences of minority volunteers, both negative and positive, as well as actions for increasing the diversity of your volunteer pool. Learn about why diversity matters and gain strategies for supporting volunteers of color to take back to your organization.
Bio: Kimmie Fink is an award-winning former teacher of 13 years. She volunteered with Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos in Honduras in 2010-11 as a Montessori teacher and mentor to teenage girls. She currently works as an education consultant, Nationally Certified Welcoming Schools Facilitator, and staff writer at Romper. Kimmie also blogs on issues of diversity and equity for elementary educators and parents of young children.

Program Management

Mitigating Risk: What you need to know about volunteer background screening

The session covers results and insights from Verified Volunteers recent research into volunteer screening trends and best practices. Additional topics include: the biggest screening misperceptions; How to get the highest quality screens without spending a fortune; Leveraging your screening tools that can make recruiting volunteers easier and less expensive; and a Brief Overview on how VV can help to effectively mitigate risk for your organization.

A Year “On” for Professional Development

Oftentimes, volunteers are told that they should give up the idea of service and get a “real job”.  This webinar will help debunk the myth that a year of service is a year away from the real working world.  Instead, we’ll ask you and your volunteers to view their service experience as a year on for professional development. We’ll provide you with an understanding of professional development and the various contexts in which it can take place, ideas to integrate into existing programming, and tools and resources for your volunteers to utilize during their year of service. Help your volunteers make connections between their service work and their long term professional goals and gain valuable professional experience that they can take with them into their future endeavors. Presenters: Katie Keller Smith, Liz Kuhn, and Dani Shain - MercyWorks Volunteer Program

Helping Your Volunteers Manage their Student Debt

Student debt is a concern that many volunteers have to shoulder. This engaging and practical presentation will give you information and resources for answering your volunteers' questions. The webinar covers: Options for managing student debt; Strategies for reducing overall costs; Income-driven repayment plans; Loan forgiveness that is not tied to employment; and more. Presenter is Heather Jarvis (askheatherjarvis.com).

Legal Concerns for Volunteer Programs

Learn about some of the major legal concerns full-time volunteer programs have including; taxation of stipends, applicant screening, liability, and more! This session will be facilitated by Catholic Volunteer Network Board Member, Lisa Gilden of the Catholic Health Association of the U.S.

Please note: due to technical difficulties, the first 10 minutes of this session were not recorded. Fortunately, most of that was introduction, however there was one important legal message that we would like to include: The information provided herein is intended for educational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. Participants are encouraged to seek their own legal counsel.

Understanding Visas for International Applications

Navigating U.S. immigration procedures for your international applicants may be a challenge. Join us for this webinar session to learn more about accessing visas for your volunteers. Different types of visas including student, business, and religious worker visas are covered.

Top 12 Myths Busted in Abuse Prevention & Background Screening

Kim Chochon of Verified Volunteers with special guest Melodie Bissell of Plan to Protect®, provide a complimentary webinar to CVN members that will bust 12 popular myths in both background screening and abuse prevention. You will discover some surprising facts that will give you additional insight into best practices for your volunteer programs and how to create and maintain safe environments within your organization.

Volunteer Growth

Resolving Conflict in Volunteer Communities

Conflict is inevitable, so how can we use it to deepen and transform our relationships?  This webinar will provide tools for working with conflict between individuals and within volunteer communities.  We will review personal conflict styles (we will send all participants a personal conflict styles inventory to be completed prior to the webinar), and strategies for dealing with conflict, particularly communication skills.  We will go over the basic steps of mediation as well.  Participants will leave the session with ideas for empowering volunteers to work with conflict as an opportunity for deepening relationships. Presenters: Amy Knorr, and Mikhala Lantz-Simmons, Center for Justice & Peacebuilding, Eastern Mennonite University.

Starting Strong: Orientation Basics for Lay Volunteer Programs

What should you cover at your volunteer orientation? How many days should orientation be? There is always a lot of material to cover, so it’s important to use your time efficiently. This webinar talks about different orientation formats, how to structure the orientation and manage your time well, and how to make sure that your volunteers are ready to serve.

Spiritual Growth and Volunteer Service

Spirituality and community life are integral parts of the volunteer experience. Fr. Joseph Currie, S.J., shares with us ideas on nurturing both personal and corporate spirituality in a diverse volunteer community.

Effective Retreats on a Shoe String Budget

Retreats and prayer services are essential elements of most faith-based volunteer programs. During this one-hour web session we provide useful tips and resources you can use to provide inspiring (and affordable) prayer experiences for your volunteers. This session was facilitated by Julie McElmurry, founder of the Franciscan Passages program.

Social Justice Advocacy

So much of what our volunteers do is direct service. How can you engage volunteers in discernment around getting involved in another side of social justice – advocacy and activism? This webinar will discuss what it would look like to incorporate more advocacy work within your volunteer programs. Presenter: Jamie Van Leeuwen, Senior Advisor to Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper, and former Colorado Vincentian Volunteer partner.

Comprehending Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety and depression are serious disorders that can significantly disrupt a volunteer’s service experience. This introduction will help program staff understand the emotional and biological aspects of depression and anxiety, the signs and symptoms accompanying these illnesses, and the general resources for mitigating their impact on volunteers’ mental health.
Presenter: Dr. Gerry Doran, Ph.D., Chair, Seminary Assessment Group, Catholic Psychotherapy Association. Dr. Doran has worked as a diocesan psychologist consultant for 20 years. He presented at the 2016 Catholic Volunteer Network National Conference in Los Angeles, California.

For the Program Director

Healthy Boundaries in Ministry

This two-part webinar will address the building and maintaining of healthy and sustainable ministries. Part one will focus on effective self care practices for those involved in full-time ministry. The second segment will address the topic of setting healthy boundaries for you and your volunteers. Participation in both sessions is recommended, but not required.


Continuing the Journey: Reaching out to alumni of volunteer programs

On July 27, 2015, Catholic Volunteer Network hosted a session entitled "Continuing the Journey: Reaching out to alumni of volunteer programs" facilitated by Sr. Patricia Wittberg, SC.  During this session, Sr. Pat shared her latest findings on the intersection of the volunteer experience and the search for a vocation, based on her recent work with DePaul University and several studies conducted by CARA. She was joined by two former volunteers, Emily LaHood-Olsen and Michael Van Dorp, who brought to life the research findings through their stories of service and personal transformation.