Academic Support

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Program Timing: Ongoing / Location: Tucson, Concord, San Francisco, Chicago, Minneapolis, St. Louis, Browning, Albany, Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, Tulsa, Philadelphia, Narragansett, Providence, Pawtucket, Memphis, Racine, Washington

Generally, and slightly tailored to the interests of each LV, the volunteer works in programming support roles through the educational program and in recreation activities through the residential services. In the school, LVs manage student needs and learning opportunities in the support center. The support center is used by students looking for a place other than their assigned classroom to complete school work for a variety of reasons from classroom distractions to need for individual help and support. In the residential program, LVs work as member of the Group Living Residential Counselor team while also taking on an additional responsibility for providing additional recreational opportunities to young men in the program off campus, on campus and through outdoor and adventure recreation opportunities. Applicants should be comfortable working with teenage males & have an interest or past experience in doing outdoor activities including hiking, camping, ropes courses, etc. A driver’s license is required for this job.