Andre House Core Team Year of Service

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Start: Jul 6, 2022 / End: Jul 25, 2023 / Location: Phoenix, AZ

Andre House

Core Staff Description


The André House Core Staff position is a year-long service commitment to living out our mission of providing hospitality, generosity and service to individuals struggling with poverty and homelessness.

Daily Responsibilities

André House Core Team Members operate the André House Hospitality Center each day and the Men’s Transitional House each evening and on weekends, which includes the following ministries:

  • Meal Service/Soup Line: Coordinate up to 30 volunteers to prepare and serve the evening meal to approximately 600 guests/night.
  • Food Bank: Select daily produce, dairy and other perishables for the evening meal from the St. Mary’s Food Bank.
  • Porter: Accept food and clothing donations, greet volunteers, and interact with our guests outside to foster and build community.
  • Clothing Closet: Assist guests in finding clothes, managing the retail area, and coordinating day volunteers.
  • Showers: Organize and direct guests into the shower area, clean the showers, and coordinate daily volunteers.
  • Laundry: Wash and dry guests’ clothing for them and direct daily volunteers assisting with this ministry.
  • Office: Offer blankets, telephone, toiletries, over-the-counter meds, and mailing services to our guests, connect them with other service agencies to help them transition through homelessness.
  • Mass, Prayer and Reflection: Participate in daily Mass and prayer sessions in an open, inclusive way, including leading reflections 3 or 4 times each month.


  • Mission: The most important attribute of an André House Core Team Member is a deep and driving desire to serve the poor in the spirit of Matthew 25, from which André House draws its mission.
  • Commitment: Core Team members are typically asked to commit to 1 year of service with an option to stay for a 2nd year (the service year typically begins and ends in late July)
  • Community: Core Team Members live in community with 3 – 6 other Core Team Members in a house near the Hospitality Center and Transitional House.
  • Work Ethic: Core Team Members must possess a strong work ethic, a team-oriented approach to service, and a desire to prioritize their service (Members are expected to work and be present for major holidays as these are very important times for the guests we serve).
  • Compassionate & Open Mindset: Working with the poor requires a great deal of compassion, openness to their needs and struggles, and a desire to welcome and accept them into our community.
  • Higher Education: Full or partial completion of college is preferred, though not required.

Compensation & Benefits

  • Living Expenses: Core Team Members do not incur the costs of rent, food, car, clothing, etc.
  • Stipend: Core Team Members receive $200/month + $1,000 at the end of each year of service.
  • Education Credit: Core Team Members receive $10,000 for education at the end of each year of service.
  • Healthcare: Medical & Dental insurance is covered fully by André House (if a Team Member remains on a family plan, André House will reimburse the family for these healthcare costs).
  • Personal Time Off: 1 weeks of vacation time, one paid plane ticket, and personal days as needed.
  • Retreat: One spiritual retreat (i.e. 2-5 days), including the cost of the retreat.

To apply, please contact:

Jay Minich: