Bethlehem Farm Caretaker

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Program Timing: Ongoing / Location: Summers County, WV
Program: Bethlehem Farm

Bethlehem Farm is an intentional Catholic community in Appalachia that seeks to transform lives through service with the local community and the teaching of sustainable practices. Main parts of our mission include low-income home repair, providing hospitality to volunteers for service-retreats, and working in our organic garden. Room and board, plus a monthly stipend are provided. Other benefits include access to Farm vehicles, three organic farm-to-table meals a day, and beautiful mountains to explore, just to start. The Caretaker position requires a one-year minimum commitment.

Bethlehem Farm also accepts applications for Summer Servants, who serve with us for 3-12 weeks.

You can find more information at www.bethlehemfarm/caretaker and www.bethlehemfarm/summer-servant. Feel free to call or email at 304-445-7143 and [email protected].