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Program Timing: Ongoing / Location: International
Program: Con-solatio

Con-solatio is looking for volunteers for the year 2021-2022. We have upcoming Virtual “Sneak Peek” Info Sessions on Feb 20, March 13, and April 10.

The mission of Con-solatio is to offer a “ministry of presence” to those who suffer the most – those who are poor, lonely, abandoned, sick, disabled, elderly, imprisoned, or ignored. Through friendship, we seek to be concrete manifestations of God’s love.

Our volunteers live in homes nestled in impoverished neighborhoods in large cities around the world. As a community of 4-6 international volunteers, we live alongside our neighbors – entering into their culture and lives. Each day is rooted in an intense prayer life of daily Mass, Rosary, Adoration, and Liturgy of the Hours. In spending time with God’s Presence, we are then called to bring that Presence of hope to those who are suffering! We open our door to all those who knock, welcome the children to play in our home each afternoon, and visit our friends both in our neighborhood and in places of greater suffering, such as prisons, hospitals, homeless shelters, and psychiatric wards.

Walking with the weary-hearted, we seek to offer the consolation and hope of God’s love and mercy through relationships that reveal the beauty and dignity of each person. Together, we stand with Mary at the foot of the cross in the heart of the world.

Contact Natalia at [email protected] if you are interested in joining for an upcoming Virtual “Sneak Peek” or learning more about Con-solatio and the process of applying. You can also learn more at our website