Combine passion for service with skills in Nursing!

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Program Timing: Ongoing / Location: San Diego, CA

Augustinian Volunteers are looking for long-term volunteers to serve from August 2020 to June 2021. The AVs have openings for those seeking a unique opportunity to combine their passion of service with their skills of nursing. The volunteer(s) will be placed at our service site St. Vincent de Paul Village Family Health Center in San Diego, CA. The volunteer(s) serves as a Registered Nurse in the health center, triaging patients, providing direct care to patients during nursing visits, assisting providers, and dispensing medicine. There may also be opportunities to collaborate with social services in the village, partner with other providers of health services in the area, and work on health center outreach efforts.

St. Vincent de Paul Village Family Health Center
• Father Joe’s Village is the cornerstone of San Diego’s fight to prevent and end homelessness one life at a time. They are the largest provider of homeless services in the San Diego area. The Village Health Center is a licensed Federally Qualified Health Center embedded in the village as an integral part of the one-stop center to address all of the rehabilitative needs of those who are homeless. At the health center, they offer medical, dental, psychiatric, mental health, and substance abuse services to those experiencing homelessness whether they are staying in a shelter or living on the streets.

Benefits include:
-living expenses paid for
-health insurance
-transportation provided
-personal stipend
-professional experience
-spiritual growth
-explore a new city
-Augustinian family
-and so much more!

We are accepting applications on a rolling basis. Our application can be found at

Please contact us at for more information or check out our website at